Clothing for older ladies- Suggestions?

I’m having a heck of a time finding clothes for my 88-year old grandmother. Everything I see in the stores is, well… not at her maturity level. Looks like Blair has the right styles. Do you know of any other online stores that have what I’m looking for?

Thanks in advance!

I found Daxon with a Google search of “clothing stores elderly women.” (No quotes) It’s a European store, though.

Oops. I suppose I should have made my location known. I’m Stateside. Thanks for researching, DeadlyAccurate.

Have you tried a larger, more conservative department store? Dillard’s, Hecht’s, etc might have something. I would try Penney’s, too, if you haven’t already.

Sears seems to have a lot of things that an older woman might like, especially if she wears dresses. Does she wear dresses? Does she like frilly or is she more comfortable in simple stuff?

If comfort is important, I’d check out Land’s End, especially their knits, and their elastic waist pants and skirts. They’re soft and comfy and easy to care for, and the knits hold their shape. I love Land’s End, and I’m 60.

Sears, Kohl’s, JC Penney?

I’ve had good luck at both Kohl’s and Sears. It took some trial and error to learn how to sidestep the trendier areas, but I confirm that yes, both stores have “mature woman” sections.

For underwear/accessories/seasonal clothes – your every day knocking-around-the-house stuff – nothing beats KMart and Wally World.

If you’ve got the money and your grandma needs a more formal outfit, I can’t recommend Lord & Taylor enough. My husband bought my mother a couple of jacket/slacks/sweater combos there with the help of a saleswoman “of a certain age”. They’re well-cut, they look terrific, and most of all, my mom looks like a million bucks in 'em.

It seems almost icky to do it, since a Google ad appears for them at the bottom of the page, just now – but I opened the thread to recommend Coldwater Creek. I’m just over 40 and I like them, but they have many pretty things cut to flatter the, um, changing figure of an older woman. And they have a huge overstocks/markdown section on their web site, so there’s rarely the need to pay full price.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I was actually hoping for more online options. That seems to work out the best for Grandma and myself. Lands End is fabulous (I’m wearing a butter-soft LE shirt right now), but Grandma would probably shit a brick at their prices. Taking her out shopping is major a no-go. She’s feeble and fragile, even with her wheelchair. And even if she could make it physically, she’d be overwhelmed with stores now, the poor thing.

She is not a dress person. What I’m looking for is:
-Polyester pants that don’t “balloon” out on her (her butt and legs have wasted away).
-Sweaters and shirts that don’t need to be buttoned (her hands are gnarly and tingly).
-Has to be VERY REASONABLE! She truly is a child of the Depression. I’ve known her for 30 years, and I’ve never known her to buy new clothes. Never. She’ll flip when she sees the Blair catalog. She’ll think it’s highway robbery.
I can’t tell you what we went through with shoes… I ordered these because she’s got some bad, bad bunions and hot spots from wearing ill-fitting shoes for 80 years. I had to return them because she couldn’t put them on by herself. So I got her these slip ons. They didn’t work with her bunions. So now she wears my old pair of Lands’ End fleece moc slippers (even to doctor appointments). She’s got to be fitted for orthopedic shoes, but she refuses to spend the money.
She doesn’t go out much at all, only to her doctor’s appointments. But I think seeing the other ladies at the retirement complex wearing nice, new clothes has made her feel a bit self-conscious. All her clothes are from the 60s and 70s. Hell, her pants are so old that the elastic is coming out of the waist. She’s shrunk significantly, so the wide-neck blouses (polyester of course) nearly fall off her.

God, that last paragraph is sad… Makes me sound like an ass for not “intervening” sooner. Let me just say that she would never accept any kind of help before now. I’m not really a neglectful granddaughter. ::weak smile::

You’ve probably looked at the Overstocks section at Land’s End, on-line? Lots of stuff at very reasonable prices, but mostly in very small or very large sizes, and sometimes in odd colors.

I feel for ya, looking for clothes for someone who’s shocked at today’s prices. My husband insists that his Dollar General $10 jeans are just as good as the ones I get him from Land’s End. Until his DG’s fall apart or the zipper breaks, and his LE jeans are like new.

How about $15.99 for these pants ?

How about long skirts? That’d solve the pants-bunching up issue. Seems like they’d be comfortable too, and easy to make, if anybody sews.

Alfred Dunner line of clothing is targeted towards older women. You can get it at JC Penney’s but it is a bit pricey new - try the JC Penney online outlet:

Seeker, you just described my 83-year-old grandmother’s wardrobe. I recommend Bealls. My grandmother loves practically everything in the store.

Hmm a quick Google reveals that Boscov’s online has a better (and cheaper) selection:

Pam, ladybug… That’s what I’m lookin’ for. Old lady central.

Corii… I saw some slacks on the JCP site for 9.99. Good price, but they have a side zipper. I’ll comb through those sites & find what I need. Thank you!
Yay! I’ve got more choices!!! Thank you all very very much!

Bon Worth doesn’t have an online store, so you and your grandma might not be interested, but they have lots of easy care polyester clothes which are fairly inexpensive and reasonably good looking. The top left corner of the website mentions 9.99 pants. There is a store locator on the website.

Seeker74, would it help if some of the other ladies in her retirement complex talked to her and let her know what brands and styles they wear? Maybe peer pressure will soften her up. Also, even if she doesn’t want to buy expensive clothes, she shouldn’t refuse orthopedic shoes merely on the basis of cost. You might consider having her doctor insist that she purchase the shoes. Your job will consist of letting her vent about “highway robbery”.

Have the doc write a prescription for the orthotic shoes–insurance may cover some of the cost. If not, maybe she’ll think of them as medical devices instead of fashion statements.
good luck.

Medstar, eleanor-

Grandma not only has bad feet, but severe scoliosis which has hiked one of her hips up, resulting in a 3-inch length discrepancy in her legs. She’d need special shoes for her feet plus a lift. Medicare won’t pay anything on ortho shoes unless the patient has diabetes. I’ll call her secondary insurance company to see what they’ll cover. If we’re able to get some of the cost covered, she may go for it. Whoever we use, I’m positive they’ll make a house call. The thing is, Grandma is essentially waiting to die. She doesn’t think getting special shoes that would ALLEVIATE HER SEVERE BACK & HIP PAIN, and straighten out her gait is worth the bother. Heh, she blames her brand new walker for veering off to one side. “No, Grandma… It’s the way you’re walking.” Sigh.

Oh believe me- if she wasn’t around people her own age who dress nicely, she wouldn’t have agreed to buying new clothes. We are making progress! I ordered 5 pairs of pants and 5 really cute tops today. Her across-the-hall neighbor has a thing for pink… So I ordered a pink shirt. On purpose! You know, so Grandma will get all sorts of compliments. Me? Manipulative? Nah… I’m hoping that all the good feedback will prompt Grandma to care more about her appearance and make her want to keep updating her wardrobe.

I don’t think there’s much hope for Grandma to converse about clothing and such with her neighbors or dining mates-- they’re all deaf, even with their hearing aids. They don’t talk much, but they do communicate nonverbally… A knowing nod, a smile, etc. Grandma doesn’t do any socializing outside of meals. No bingo, no movies in their cool theater, no wine & cheese socials. Double sigh. [I would totally live in her complex. It’s gorgeous and so freakin’ cool!]

She is doing better, though. When she first moved, she refused to eat outside of her apartment because she’s so shy. Baby steps, baby steps…

Let me say this to you all (please don’t be offended): Please, when you get old and if you have to move into an assisted living facility, thank your granddaughter when she comes over to roll your hair after your shower. And when she brings you balogna sandwiches and hard boiled eggs because the dining room doesn’t offer such delicacies. Please don’t blame your grandkids for “putting you into this situation” because you can’t live on your own anymore and they don’t have the experience required to take care of an Alzheimer’s patient full time. Please keep in mind that your grandkids didn’t do this to get rid of you, but because they want you to be as healthy and happy as possible, for as long as possible. Please remember that you’re their only grandparent left, and they’ve already lost their dad. And remember they love you to pieces.

(((Seeker))) you’re a good granddaughter. I wish I still had my Grammy to spoil.