Clowns Hate Tangelos or: Attack of the Unusual TV Billboards

Chances are, if you’ve been driving around, you may have seen red billboards with statements such as these:

“I pooted.”
“Look, I have a meat beard!”
“The hat sells the sandwich.”
“Shiny, shiny. Pretty, pretty.”
“I’m a hot toe picker.”
“Clowns hate tangelos.”
“My boogers itch.”

What could such unusual billboards mean? Well, it turns out it’s all part of a campaign for Cartoon Network, featuring quotations from their various shows. The billboards will change soon to reveal the sponsor.

I haven’t seen any of these billboards around. Have you?

“I’m a hot toe picker” in Cleveland area.

Saw on in Chicago that said “I pooted.”

I haven’t seen any of these…but then, I don’t see any much of any billboards right now, as my current state of residence does not allow billboards.

I saw “Clowns Hate Tangelos” here in Atlanta, at Piedmont and Roswell Road. Was wondering what the Hell that was about.

I haven’t seen any of those billboards around here in the Tampa area but as soon as I read the thred title I knew that was a quote of Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

“I pooted” is on I-64 right by the High Rise Bridge in Chesapeake, VA. I drive by it everyday to work.

We’ve got “I pooted” on Pelham Road here in Greenville. Mr. Greywolf had to call and tell me that on his lunch break today. I think it was the highlight of his day, actually.

Oklahoma City checking in. I’ve seen “meat beard,”“shiny shiny,” “tangelos,” “toe picker,” and two “pooted.” I thought they were pretty bad ads myself. If you’re going to pick a bizarre quote from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends to pull in viewers, you don’t use “I pooted,” or “I’m a hot toe picker!” You go with, “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my naked friend.” People will be interested in that more than farts or toe picking. They’ll be disappointed the naked friend is eight years old, but hey…

My only problem with the Foster’s quotes they chose is that I would not immediately identify “I pooted” with Cheese. His two most frequent (and funniest) utterances are “I like cereal!” and “I like chocolate milk!” Go with one of those.

“Shiny shiny. Pretty pretty” is on 696 in Metro Detroit (somewhere between exit 26 and exit 20, but I don’t pay enough attention to know exactly).

I was wondering wtf that was. Thanks!

Yeah, “I like chocolate milk!” in king-size is what they should have done.

Well, this morning on the way in I saw a round-headed greenish kid and the Cartoon Network logo added to the “I pooted.” slogan.

Yeah, that was worth waiting for.

Was it this guy?

Nope, I’m guessing it’s this guy. I like cereal!

I saw “my boogers itch” on Briarcliff just south of Johnston in Atlanta/Decatur area and “I pooted” on the corner of North and Spring in between downtown and mid-town Atlanta (right by Cartoon Network HQ, I think). I laughed so hard at the “I pooted” billboard that I had to pullover into the BP. I called my wife and told her. She was not amused. I called my brother – he shared in my joy.

I was going to guess that it was from The Oblongs. I think they are showing reruns of that on Adult Swim, and the DVD has recently come out.

Unfortunately, IMO, the show doesn’t quite nail creator Angus Oblong’s twisted genius, but it is still well worth checking out. Just remember if you like the general concept of the episodes, but feel they could be smarter, darker, and more R-rated, then there’s a whole bunch of stuff you can look at and/or buy on his website.

I ordered a big pile of his little story books and gave them as holiday presents one year. I’ve never seen so many joyfully-dropped jaws around the family Christmas tree ("that little boy put his what where? :eek: ").

Uh… [/hijack]

My friend works for Lamar in Nashville. When the “I pooted” billboard came out, she had to field two phone calls from angry motorists even though Viacom put the signs up. I think she should have told the people “well, shit happens.”

Are you saying that Viacom owns the billboards or Cartoon Network? Cartoon Network is a Time Warner company, although outdoor advertising is one of Viacom’s many businesses.

The important question is, do evil clowns hate tangelos? :slight_smile: