"Gellin' like a felon" or stupid commercial catch phrases.

There is some sort of new shoe insole that is made out of some kind of gel. “I’m gellin’ like a felon” is the phrase repeated in their commercial. This takes the crown from the previous stupid catch prase “It’s the cheesiest!”

There are other stupid ones, but I’m to busy gellin like a felon to remember them right now. Any commercial slogans irritate you with their stupidity?

Denny’s–“A Good Place to Sit and Eat.” Talk about uninspired!

The Independent, actually a pretty decent UK newspaper, used to advertise itself with “It is. Are you?” We’re still trying to figure out that one.

I’m betting that “It is” means the paper is “independent”, i.e., not a boot-licking, party-line-toeing, partisan sell-out of a newspaper fit only to wrap fish in. “Are you?”, of course, means that you ought to be independent, too (this being a Good Thing[sup]TM[/sup]), and that reading this paper makes you independent and better than people who read the other papers which are obviously boot-licking, party-line-toeing, partisan sell-outs of newspapers fit only to wrap fish in, and maybe not even that.

Bravo, Morgyn!

I actually rather like that one.

Things like “gellin like a felon” annoy me because they are an obvious, cynical, ham-handed attempt to create something that should happen organically, i.e. a nickname or catch phrase. In this case, it’s even more ridiculous and offensive for the content. Does anyone really believe that people who are not paid to do so will ever say “gellin like a felon”?

For some reason, “It’s the cheesiest” doesn’t bother me a bit, because at least in this case it’s some sort of claim about the product, and doesn’t feel like a breathless, synchophantic attempt to co-opt a culture you don’t know very well.

The thing about “It’s the cheesiest!” that made it so stupid (to me, anyway) was that Kraft Mac&Cheese really is the cheesiest, but not in a good way.

Well if you have evidence, I’m certainly keeping an open mind on the cheese issue.

OK, Morgyn, I’ll write your next college/job/parole recommendation for figuring that one out! :smiley:

Hey stoli, Whassuup. Whaaaaaassuuuuupp. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…suuuuuuuuuup.

True. True.

Can you hear me now?

Mr. Pibb: “Put it in your head!” Oooooo-kay!

Mug Root Beer: “Now that’s thick headed!”

Oh, goodie! I need a new job, having been recently laid off from my last one. Anyone need a really good technical writer?

I laways puzzled over Raid’s “Kills bugs dead”…as opposed to…?


laways = always

Zoom zoom… (bleahhh)

There are a number of gelmen (?) in the ad, and a number of phrases. First, we have the guy who says he’s gellin’ like a felon. Then we have one who says “There’s no tellin’ how much I’m gellin’,” which is responded with, “Quit yellin’, we’re gellin’.” Then they see a man who claims he’s also gelling (note lack of apostrophe), to which they reply, “No, you’re not.” They’re right, you know.

Why am I dissecting a Dr. Scholl’s commerical?

It’s Dr. Scholls? Oh, just bloody lovely. One company in the whole world makes shoes I can buy at WalMart and actually have fit my mutant feet from day one and now I have to boycott them because purchasing any of their products will simply result in more commercials like that.

I hate being responsible.

“We do chicken * right *” has always bothered me.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Beefy


Can I write a check?