Club Moderno in Max Payne 3

There is a scene in Max Payne where a nightclub named “Club Moderno” is involved. The game is from 2012. I am intrigued by how similar its name and logo is to the vaccine maker Moderna.

I suspect that the name of the club is just a play on the word “modern.” modified so it would make sense to be in Brazil.

According to Moderna, their name is actually a portmanteau of modified and RNA, and that the fact it contains the word “modern” is an accident. I don’t quite believe that, as they didn’t go with “Modirna,” but I can believe that the RNA part was intentional. That wouldn’t apply to Moderno, which has nothing to do with genetics.

Still, it could be an amusing coincidence if there is something else besides the name to link them. Is there any virus or genetics in the storyline of the game at this point?