Cmon, admit it, you're going to watch at least part of the Sharknado marathon today!

I have to admit it, they are bad, but so bad I like to watch them, at least parts of them. Love the scene in #2 when Al Franken and Matt Lauer skewer a shark live on air, then return you to regular programming. Or #4 when a Kansas sharknado whisks up a bunch of cows, which the sharks proceed to munch on.

Silly movies that will never win any awards. But sometimes that’s all you want. And I will watch #6 later this evening,

There ought to be a “Guilty Pleasures Award” for movies like this.

Nope. But I half-way watched parts of Santa Jaws, Trailer Park Shark, and Dream Shark last week.

Going all the way-halfway through 4 right now.

I dropped in a few times this afternoon.

After watching the final (?) sequel, I have to say I’m nostalgic for the earlier ones.

There’s only one channel for science-fiction and they show stuff like this and “Five-Headed Shark Attack”.

How did we let it come to this?

OMG! “Sharknado: It’s About Time” is so great.

The gang is talking to General Washington and Benjamin Franklin and Hamilton The Musical.

It’s poetry.

From what I read when they switched over to “SyFy” it stopped being a SciFi channel. They changed the name because they got a new CEO because it wasn’t as profitable as they wanted it to be. So they got a money grubbing CEO who changed the name to “SyFy” so they could brand it, to make money. And they stopped making, or licensing, high quality, high costing, SciFi shows like Stargate and started making their own cheap crap that they could then sell on dvd/blue-ray.

It sucked for years and then they figured out they could make cheap, but fun, crap like Sharknado. Which made lots of money.

So that is what we get today.

Because fucking shit stain people who only give a shit about money win the corporate executive jobs.

Fuck the public, fuck society, fuck SciFi and especially fuck people, MONEY UBER ALLES!!!


Franklin just made a Back to The Future reference and then seconds later made a Toy Story reference.

And then the gang totally Back to The Future Back to The Futured.


I’m crying with joy over here.

Ok, I missed the edit window.

But that third line I believe, grammatically, should read:

"And then the gang totally Back to The Futured “Back to The Future”.

My bad.

And now a Princess Bride Inigo Montoya reference of “I’m so and so, you killed my, so and so, prepare to die” reference.


I only saw bits and pieces of the previous movies. The first one was a fun idea that ran out of steam before it was over. The sequels had even less going for them, until this one. Adding time travel gave them wide latitude that they took advantage of. I watched the first hour of this one without any skipping ahead. The gags were entertaining, there was real creative satire and parody there.

I expect Sharkado in space will be the next one.

Finally watched it - I’m particularly familiar with Twisted Sister, but I’m assuming many of Dee Snyder’s declamations referenced famous lines/songs?

Pretty much… Ok the black chick in it didn’t she die in the second one? Because she made some joke about it I didn’t quite catch…

I got the impression that everyone he picked up in the past had ‘died’ - in actuality, his son warped them with no time to spare!