C'mon punk, make my day

Or, more accurately, my evening. See, I finished my A-levels 2 hours ago and I’m in the mood for celebrating. However since (a) I’m going out with my friends tomorrow and can’t afford to go out tonight too and (b) I’m totally shagged from 3 hours of exams, I’m just going to stay in with a couple of mates, get pissed and watch some movies. Trouble is I’m the biggest movie geek you are ever likely to hear about and there isn’t that much I haven’t already seen. I can’t decide what to watch so I’m asking the Teeming Millions for a bit of help. Can you recommend anything good to rent out tonight? If you can, recommend a film under each of the following categories. Be diverse.

Tough Action Thriller - no action comedies, no light hearted stuff involving any kind of cute animal in danger - A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y N-O-T-H-I-N-G starring Van Damme or Segal.
Horror - Either creepy atmospheric ones or total utter Evil Dead stylee splatter fests.
Alternative - Nothing too alternative, please but just the sort of film one wouldn’t normally see advertised during primetime
Classic - One recognised Classic movie.

I would really appreciate your recommendations because my mates always put me in charge of renting out films and I really don’t want to spend 2 hours in Blockbusters picking movies (you think I’m exaggerating? Uh-uh.)


Comedy-o Brother Where Art Thou, just released on video/Dvd, it’s great. Plus, a great soundtrack.

Action Thriller-Legend Of The Drunken Master-Jackie Chan movie, almost comedy and great fight scenes!(Shanghai noon is good too, Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson-fun “buddy movie” with good fighting)

Horror-Not my usual genre of choice, but there’s a few good overlooked ones. Ghost Story isn’t too bad, though it was made in the 70’s and looks like it. Kinda slower paced from what’s made now too. As for recent, The 6th Sense or Stir Of Echoes were both good stories, if you’ve not already seen them.

Alternative-Probably found in Comedy section, a Jon Cyer film called “Dudes”. Fun punky soundtrack and very entertaining story. (Plus, I adore Jon Cryer…personal weakness)

Classic-Casablanca or North by Northwest. If you’ve not seen em, please do!

You could always browse through IMDB by genre and find something you’ve meant to watch but forgot about. (Make a list with plenty of alternate choices, though - if your “Lackluster” is like the one near my house, it has jacksh!t in terms of quality rentals).

My recommends:

Just plain Classic Horror

Well, for Alternative movies I’d recommend Run Lola Run. Just saw it last weekend, and it was very entertaining. Great techno soundtrack.

IMDB me!