CNN's Piers Morgan - will he get dragged down next?

Rupert Murdoch’s employees are on the run. Some have been arrested over the phone-hacking scandal. CNN is already ducking speculation about Piers. They may need a new host for Larry Kings show before much longer. :slight_smile:

Piers Morgan is a former editor of the News of the World and then the Daily Mirror. He’s spent most of his career in the Tabloid world. A long time A-hole buddy of Rupert Murdoch’s. Really a protege of his?

Allegedly Wrote this in his book…

The heat is building on Piers.

What code are they talking about? The voicemail PIN? Every wireless account I have ever had has had me change my PIN when I first used the account. Or at least, I think.

Anyway, this story is getting juicy!

I found this interesting. They arrested Andy Coulson. I think they must be looking at Piers Morgan too. They said phone-hacking has been going on over 12 years.

IIRC, I read in Slate that while most of the American cell phone service providers either force you to change the default PIN or at least give you a bunch of warnings about how you should do so, in the UK this isn’t (or wasn’t) the case and many people never change(d) their default password.

Oh please please please please please

Morgan: Ask about shares in a company called Viglen, and also why he was fired from his editorship of the Mirror. All guests on his show should ask these questions.

Over 10 people arrested so far. Including several editors for Murdoch.

There’s one reporter in that list that has been dropped from all investigations, and for a good reason. Hope the HuffPo change that list.

I am fairly certain the Piers Morgan is scum, but I have a hard time understanding why that quote is viewed as “damning.” On the contrary, it seems exculpatory, if anything.

Piers quote is from a book published a few years ago. The quote shows that he knew how to hack into cell phones voice mail by using the default PIN. Did one of his reporters tell him when he was the editor? Did he know his reporters were hacking phones to get story tips?

It’s not proof that he did anything criminal. But, he is someone that needs to be questioned.

Most of the people arrested were editors or assistant editors, They are the bosses telling the reporters what to do. Piers held the same job up until a few years ago. The cops want to squeeze these people and find out who did what.

How so?

If I leave my front door unlocked, that doesn’t make it legal for someone to walk through it and help himself to my stereo.

Piers has tweeted several times today about the Rupert Murdoch testimony. Also tweeted that the allegations he or his reporters hacked phones while editor is false.

He’ll be on Wolf Blitzers show later today to defend what he wrote in his book several years ago.

It would be very fun if he gets arrested live on the Situation Room.

No doubt Piers knows where all the bodies are buried. He could certainly reveal a lot of secrets if he wanted.

Reporting has been dirty a long, long time. Buying info from the cops, using private detectives etc isn’t anything new. The ethical and legal boundaries are often fuzzy. Clearly, hacking phones is way over any legal line.

I wonder if Piers is safe from prosecution? He was editor for Murdoch way back in the mid 1990’s. I’m not sure when he left the tabloid world entirely.

Oh no!! First Larry King gone, now maybe Piers?? Wherever will we find another hack journalist to ask painfully soft, easy questions of celebrities? :frowning:

And warning people to keep their doors locked seems like odd behaviour for a burglar.

Yes, drawing attention to the vulnerability isn’t very suggestive of complicity. Not only that, but it is put across as something he had only recently become aware of, at the time of the writing.

Of course, it could be nothing more than a combination of “I don’t owe those guys any favours anymore” and common-sense ass-covering - but it’s hardly “damning.”

Dragged down to where? Hell?