coffee creations

I hate Starbucks (well, ok, I go there but I hate it). I wish someone would come up with a killer drink and take over the market. My idea - Mocha Crack-a-chino. It gets you off to a zippy start in the AM and eliminates cruising the streets looking for dealers and avoiding cops. Seriously, anyone have a great idea for a caffeinated treat? How about the stuff you concoct at home, any amazing recipes to share?

I experiment for a while with Cea (coffee and tea mixture). I wanted to get rid of the aftertaste that I find in tea. I couldn’t come up with a good mixture.

This may be a little boring, but for my favorite after-dinner drink I prepare a cup of coffee with milk. Then, instead of sugar, I add Kahlua(sp?) and maybe a little cinnamon. Quite nice, but perhaps not how you want to start the day.


This one’s great, but requires espresso.
Brew a good amount of not-too-strong espresso, put it in a big glass, then add some sweetened condensed milk, the amount to vary according to your taste (I like mine sweeeet!) Put in six or so large ice cubes, and stir it around til the ice cubes are about melted, and enjoy. Call it an iced cappuccino if you like, it tastes great on a hot afternoon.