Coffee or OJ on your cold cereal?

I get Food Network Magazine. They have a blurb saying that 13 percent of adults put coffee on their cold cereal, and 12 percent use orange juice - instead of milk. Sounds exceptionally weird to me. What say you?

I use OJ instead of Milk (Soy) on my cereal from time to time. Try it.

Weird. Very, very weird.

I could maybe accept that a few people put something other than milk on their cereal, but 25%? And that’s not even counting the ones who use beer, water, soy “milk”, or eat it dry.

If forced to chose one, I’d take coffee, but I’d go without before either.

When I was in grade school I remember hearing (from my mom) that one or two of the other kids were ‘allergic to milk’ (lactose intolerant, I assume) and put something else on their cereal. I think it was apple juice. I guess I could see that working for some of the sweeter cereals like Honey Smacks or something frosted.
Also, you probably wouldn’t think anything of it if that’s just how it had always been for you. It’s one thing to have apple juice on your cereal since you were a baby and not know any different, it’s another thing wake up at someone house and be offered a big bowl of Cherrios with orange juice on it.

If I accidentally put coffee or O.J. in my cereal, I’d chuck the whole mess down the disposal and make a fresh bowl with milk in it, all the while bemoaning the waste. And I’d drink the leftover milk from the bowl after the cereal all was eaten.

No Jack Daniels option?

I use beer and Pepsi myself…

Shameel…Shamaggle…Barfenfat Incorporated!

Putting orange juice on cereal is only slightly less weird than putting OJ Simpson on cereal.

I bet lots of people in whatever survey that was from misunderstood the question and said what they had with their cereal

I find milk on cereal to be weird as it is. So neither of those options seem more weird to me.

I’m sure all you weirdos would think that it would be strange to put water on your cereal, too.

I wouldn’t. Growing up, I knew a couple of folks (father and son) who had severe dairy intolerance. That’s how they ate their cereal.

coffee or oj though, blech!

Accidentally poured orange juice on my Wheat Chex™ the other day, and to compound that error poured a small glass of milk. I’m old, it happens. Decided to taste the cereal,EEE-yuck!!! Drank the juice out of the bowl, tipped the milk into the bowl and poured juice where it should’ve been in the first place. I have GOT to start paying more attention. Ergo, I’m betting coffee would taste far better than fruit squeezins’.

I accidentally put OJ on cereal once. The dog wouldn’t touch it. That’s nasty.

Bizarre. I have never seen this done by anyone. Something is off with that poll.

I believe it is a tradition in some Scandinavian countries to put OJ on their muesli.

I think anything other than milk is nuts myself though.

Apple juice is quite good on cereal.

When out of milk, I’ve done both! OJ was terrible. I like mostly Corn Flakes, Corn Chex, some wheat cereals of similar style…nothing all sugary. Coffee wasn’t great either, but OJ was repulsive!

As kids, we sometimes sprinkled sugar and coffee on pancakes. It was good!