Coke au lait?

I’ve been thinking about Coke au lait ever since I saw Hatt Baby a few years ago. It really sounds appealing to me but also sounds like one of those things that could go either way. I grew up in a house where we did not waste milk (or much of anything really, but for some reason milk in particular was sacred) and I seem to be a bit hung up on that still so I’m scared to try it.

Is it an actual drink that is popular in other cultures? A google of “Coke au lait” only turns up references to Hatt Baby but if it is popular in other countries I’m sure it would likely be spelled differently.

So has anyone ever tried it? Anyone interested in trying it in the name of . . . science? :slight_smile:

sounds terrible to me, but then im not that adventurous when it comes to mixing random food products. My preferences seem to have been set by what I was fed as a child.

I have to go pick up some milk tomorrow… perhaps I will pick up a 2 litre of Coke and give it a whirl…

Couldn’t be much worse than, say, a root beer float? I mean, that’s ice cream (dairy) in fizzy soda… mm… creamy cola…

I will report back tomorrow afternoon.

It sounds like a Coke float, after it’s melted and without the added sugar. I don’t think it bad, just strange.

Those were my thoughts too. In fact, I had forgotten about Coke au lait for awhile and then thought about it a few days ago while having a root beer float.
My only worry is that milk isn’t sweet or frozen and coke isn’t root beer.


Hmm… when I try this out, I’ll try some with plain milk, and I’ll try another with some sugar added.

I might even draw some pictures! Or… at least write down the dubious “recipes” I use :smiley:

You’re going to hell.


Hey we love your type around here. I’m cheerin’ for ya.

Laverne DeFasio!

Seven replies and no one has mentioned Laverne DeFasio! I can’t believe it! :confused:
She came to mind immediately when I read the Thread Title (Sure, she used Pepsi- but the principle is the same.)

Me too. As soon as I saw the thread title, I thought of Laveren whining about a Milk 'n Pepsi.

I tried milk + Pepsi when I was a kid. Of course I got the idea from Laverne & Shirley. It wasn’t half bad. The drink I mean.

Remember the episode when L and S met their doppelgangers? The “evil” Laverne drank Coke and milk. [/hijack]

Okay, here it is… it was relatively short, but eventful. Of course, this is just according to my tastes and preferences, as always, YMMV.

Well, to start, I went down to the 7 Eleven to get the basics - milk, 2% (because I’m watching my waistline), and coca cola “classic”… along with a bacon cheeseburger and one of those little tubs of Hagen Daas ice cream (also because I’m watching my waistline… grow, apparently).

So, those are my base ingredients , 2% milk and CC classic.
First, I try equal parts coke and milk. What a lot of foam! The foam tastes… just foamy. Kind of bland and bubbly. It makes me burp. Then I drink the actual liquid part. It was nasty, Miss Jackson. It just… it tasted like milk with a nasty hint of cola… it wasn’t pleasant in any way.
So, I assumed my problem was far too much milk. I toned it down to 1/4 cup of milk to 1 cup of coke. Not bad - there was some potential. Then I remembred everyone mentioning sugar. “Ah, sugar!” said I.
Sugar is the trick here, it seems. I repeated my 1/4 cup milk/1 cup cola mix, and added a heaping tablespoon of sugar to this mix. There is a lot of foam going on here. You do have towork past that foam to get to the liquid bit. Of course if you let it set for a few moments, the foam will turn to liquid again, but who has that kind of time? This is research, after all. I could be on the brink of some amazing discovery.
When sugar was added, this happens. (that’s right folks, fuller thicker hair, eyelashes that could pick a lock, and a tongue long enough to lick your eyelids. Still didn’t enhance my ability to draw, though, sadly).

To be honest, I’d say it was an aquired taste. The end result tasted like a creamy cola drink… which is pretty much how it sounds. I didn’t find the carbonation in the end was very noticable. It certainly isn’t flat soda, I’m drinking it now with my delicious, healthy bacon cheeseburger (oops, there goes another button…)

I didn’t mind it. It would be something like a novelty drink to me, though, like… like an iced coffee. Or a root beer float :smiley: Not something I’d drink every day. I’d recommend you try it - you might like it. I have a coupon for a 2 litre of Pepsi, maybe I’ll give the Laverne Special a whirl. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anastasaeon - I was laughing out loud - hard - while reading your post and following along with the pictures. Please start posting more.

Add vodka and kahlua to your coke and lait, and you have a tasty paralyzer. At least, I recall them being tasty back in they late 80s when they were often on a dirt cheap special at one of my local bars until 10 p.m. for fifty cents each or some ridiculous price.

Milk and coke is a family tradition here for breaking your fast on Yom Kippur. It is easier and faster than the alternative: a cup of OJ followed by coffee. You get your sugar, you get your electrolytes, you get your caffeine.

Posting more words or more pictures? I liked drawing the pictures. :smiley:

Research is fun. I don’t know why I was so against it in school. :confused:

Good grief, Anastasaeon, that was brilliantly funny.

The “nasty” illustration was absolutely genius.
Naaasty, ooh nasty boys don’t mean thing (ooh ooh ooh)

Anastasaeon: Next time, dissolve the sugar in the milk, and then add the cola to the milk. That should reduce your foamage.

I tried it once as a kid, inspired by Laverne. Well, cola and milk, anyway, I don’t remember what brand I used. It didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t really seem to fit into a niche: When I’m in the mood for milk, I’ll drink milk, and when I’m in the mood for cola, I’ll drink cola, but I’m not often in the mood for both.

Ya know what I bet would be better? Vanilla Coke au lait!!