Explain this link and get points.

I don’t know so don’t ask.


…but I just about laughed myself sick at it. What the??? Something about it struck me so damned funny that I’m going back for more!


Could it be a “design your own Mentos commercial” type thing?

All I know is that the guy in the middle looks suspiciously like my brother.

This is a classic example of Swedish neo-folk cross-cultural musical hat humor.


There is another thread about this… amazingly enough.

Apparently it’s a drinking game, the drunkest person wears the hat.

“Cola au lait” . . .

Milk-coke? Unless cola means chocolate, this makes 0 sense. To me.

But then, I resolved not to think today unless I had to:)

The only thing I know is I’ve got to have that hat.

iampunha Cola means coca-cola it and that is just what the arabian (?) lyric sound as in swedish. And no there’s no such thing as cola au lait here :). The drinking game was made up just for this song.

But who are those people?? Who did those graphics? They are truly hysterical…

Is there music!!! I’m at work and don’t have speakers… Is there music??? That is hilarious. I was on the phone with a customer when I pulled that page up. I started laughing and had to cover it in a cough.

Ok, I looked at it and I thought it was extremely stupid. I don’t see what is so funny about it, but I guess I just don’t appreciate that kind of humor??? I was was waiting the whole time for something funny to happen. And in the end I was disappointed

Well rq120 if you would get back in the room with the rest of your co-workers and actually do your job then one of them might explain it to you. Oh it’s not fair you get to sit in the Mac lab and do whatever you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats with that super glue and ham, or whatever that is?

Some student with way too much free time (I’m guessing here folks) heard this Turkish (?) folk song, and somehow he managed to hear Swedish words instead of Turkish. Of course, it made no sense at all, but it was funny. So student-with-bizarre-sense-of-humor decided to make a little film of it.
If you don’t know Swedish, and find it funny, imagine how hard I laughed when I first saw this.
I believe he/they did something similar to another song, but I can’t find it now.

tuba, be sure to listen to it at home- the music really makes it. I got laughing right out loud at work and had to turn it off.



You’ll love this. That website you sent me - the weird one with people singing in the background and the pointing hands, and moving hats and coca cola bottles?

Well I sent it to some of the grad students and it has become the great mystery. All these scholars of indigenous languages with some Thai, Korean, Portuguese , Chinese and Spanish thrown in and no one could solve the mystery.

Then awhile ago my student assistant came in (she is
from Denmark) and I asked her if she knew what language this was. It turns out to be a Swedish mal-translation of a middle eastern folk song. The Swedes took the words and twisted them into a sound-alike Swedish song about
hats and coca cola. It is a MSN twisted European site. Still - it is funny!

Colleen McCaffrey
University of Oregon
Dept Linguistics