Cold time out

I was in my usual Friday night supine in front of the TV mode when my wife came into the living room with a very worried expression on her face and said “come listen to this!”

I followed her out to our back deck and at first I thought I was listening to a cat in heat, a loud yowling noise, but the noise resolved into words “I’m cold…I’m cold…I’m cold” It was apparently coming from behind my next door neighbors house. I took a flashlight and went to investigate. Sitting in the dark, on the neighbors deck was a little boy of seven or eight. He wasn’t my neighbors son, my neighbor doesn’t have any small children. The temperature was about 40 degrees outside and the lad was wearing just a pullover shirt.

I saw people in the house and rapped gently on the back door. There was no response. I banged quite a bit harder on the door and my neighbor came to the door. He seemed to be quite upset when he saw the boy on the porch. He said something to the effect of “we forgot that he was out there.” He told me that the boys father, a friend of his, had sent the boy outside for a “time out” after the boy had misbehaved. He said that he didn’t want to get between the father and his son although he didn’t like what the father did.

I like my neighbor and I suppose I could understand his point of view about not wanting to argue with his friend, but Christ on a camel to put a kid outside as punishment and forget about him, fuck, just to put him outside in the first place like that is way past abusive behavior.

And did you call the police to report the abuse?

If the kid had died of hypothermia, you would be posting about the tragedy that is child abuse. If he did something that shitty around people he knew, think about what he does when no one is there to witness it. I’d have called the police and/or local child protection services.

Call the police, report it NOW! If you heard the kid all the way over where you were, HOW ON EARTH DID THEY NOT HEAR HIM?!!! They were ignoring him, and he’s very lucky you knocked on that door. I think it quite possible he’d have died.

Call CPS, call the cops, report it to everyone you can. That poor kid needs help, and your neighbor needs a good whacking with a “clue by four”. My God… He “didn’t want to argue” with something so very wrong? He allowed this to happen, and the kid nearly died? Poor thing!

If it had been me, I’d have taken the kid to my house, gotten it something warm to eat and drink, and wear, and called the police.

I think I’m going to go curl up and cry now… Wanders off muttering about the ignorance of people, and the crappiness they do And people wonder why I have real problems trusting anyone?

Do you have any idea what the kid did to deserve the timeout in the first place?

Not that it matters, I’m just curious.

The neighbor is still a massive asshole.

No I really don’t know. I was too pissed off to stand around and talk about it.

Yeah, that was pretty mean. But before we start calling the cops and DCFS, what was the duration of the child being out in the cold? Did he have appropriate clothing?

:smack: Scratch that.

Poor little thing!!! That just sucks. I hope the authorities are called in.

DID you call the police? If not, why not? You don’t even have a right to bitch about it unless you DID call the cops. If you just walked away from it you’re as guilty as the dad is.

Please, tell us you’re at least tipping CPS off to watch the parent? Let us know what action you took. I had nightmares about that poor little boy, dying out in the cold squalling his pain and no one hearing or caring. :frowning: At least I woke up knowing he didn’t die.