Coldfire is an ass

Just thought I’d share.

I assume that this information is related to your rant here.

[sub]Just doing a public service[/sub]

Zev Steinhardt


Since this isn’t the pit, I misread the thread title as “Coldfire has an ass” and I was wondering what makes his ass so special… :wink:

What the hell are you doing heembo?

You know you can just leave the boards willingly. You don’t have to get banned.


I got two words for ya. Leather pants. :slight_smile:

Why would I be banned for sharing something as mundane and pointless as the fact that coldfire is an ass? Seems a bit extreme to me.

It is to laugh.
Coldfire is just barely back from vacation and he’s already being railed against. For what? You said:

One: you’re wrong.
Two: if you’ve been paying any attention to the struggle in the Middle-East other than noting that it exists, you would know that it has very little, if anything at all, to do with the Germans. This is, and has been, a holy war, a jihad, for a very long time. I’m no expert on the region, but damn, man, it’s kinda obvious. The Germans were able to become productive because of a number of things, but one key factor was that they didn’t have age old religious factions fighting over what they believe to be the holy land promised them by God.
Three: Coldfire merely pointed this out in a short, albeit exasperated, manner.

What you should have done, prior to the release of your vitriol, was ask, oh, say maybe in GQ, why the fighting in M-E was going on and what part, if any, the Germans had in it. IMO.

I have nothing to say on the topic except that everytime I want to reply to a controversial threadit’s already closed. I can’t pass up this opportunity. :smiley:

heembo, how about the part where you called him a dickhead and told him to fuck off? And wait, then there’s the part where you wanted him and some other poster to sit home and “suck each others dicks”

Not to mention that an attempt to flame belongs in the PIT not in MPSIMS


Why ban Hemmbo? Everytime I open a thread by him it’s a stupid complaint or rant about Middle east, SDMB members being idiots, or DRAGGING FEET!!! I think the best idea would just be to ignore him…maybe he’ll go away. He just thrives on the attention that his idiotic rants get.

My .02 cents

I second Pezpunk!!

Except that I have even less to say.

In fact, I bet that…no-one has less to say about the OP than me.

heembo heembo have you heard?
you’re a dipshit and a nerd.

As a troll you’re rather bland.
I give it a day before you’re banned.

Not only are you full of shit,
but your post belonged in the pit.

All you’re posts do to the mods is bore 'em
Why not at least post in the right forum?

I know you want to make noise, whine and cry.
I’d much prefer you eat shit and die.

Yeah. Okay.

So, on my lunch break today I went over to NRM and bought a David Gray CD. Good stuff. Anybody else have one? Thoughts on it?

I don’t, but that reminds me of my favorite thing my friend Chris ever said…ever.

It was after the Grammys with Macy Gray and her huge hair and general wackiness, and Chris said,

“I don’t know anything about her music, but it’s nice to giantesses getting work”

I died.


Off to the Pit and off with yer haid, heembo.

Jester, what’s a NRM - National recording Mall?

Don’t know David Gray. I went to Border’s and bought Mahler’s Fourth Symphony with Elly Ameling.

The cover picture had lots of gray.

blink This was in MPSIMS a second ago. Oh well.

Wow. Someone calling a mod a bad name. Gee, How original.

I’ll give it a -1.

NRM= National Record Mart. Must be a Pennsylvania thing, cause they’re pretty big around here, but not a lot of other places, it seems.

As for David Gray, he’s kind of softer rock, with synthesizers and acoustic guitars and whatnot. Very soothing and calming. His major radio release is “Babylon”.

Love the Macy Gray crack, though. She can look downright scary sometimes.

The name of the soldier on my first Vietnam War POW bracelet was David Gray. He was released at the end of the war in 1975 and I was actually able to track him down and correspond with him.

I don’t think it is the same David Gray though and I’m pretty sure he isn’t Macy.