In recognition of Coldfire

I must say that, although you and I have had some minor differences in the past, I have always admired you ever since your famous D-Day thread. I probably would have admired you sooner had I known about you. I’ve seen you report several times that English is not your first language, and yet your mastery of it rivals anyone’s. Your taste in women is impeccable, as you have shared stories and pictures of your beautiful and brilliant significant other. I’d just like to thank you for your brave defense of me in the face of adversity. There is no bravery without fear; were a man not afraid, then his act would not be brave. You rightly differentiated between tattling about people being mean and reporting infractions of board rulings and precedents. You shut down an entire thread for the purpose of protecting me from the slinging of rhetorical defecation. Your kindness despite your distaste for my politics is humbling. Thank you, and I’m sure that others have Coldfire stories to share. Here’s to you. […tink…]

I feel a bit embarrased. Being Dutch too and all. Sounds like I’m kissing my fellow countryman’s ass. Believe me: I never kiss ass. :smiley:

Coldfire does a pretty good job as a mod, imho. He’s impartial when he’s moderating and that’s enough for me.

As of other Coldfire stories: I have none, sadly. I know he doesn’t agree with my political views - and probably with any other view I possess, :smiley: , but that’s a good thing, right?

Cheers Coldfire and Liberal

You’re Dutch, too, Gum!? I’m sorry to say I hadn’t noticed, but that’s only because you also possess a command of the language. Is it commonly spoken there?

*belated reply due to SDMB maintenance time - hey, This happens to me a lot. I must be in the wrong time-zone- *

Thanks, Liberal I wish I possessed a command of the language. I make a lot of mistakes, but I usually get my meaning across. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s commonly spoken here. Kids in kindergarten nowadays are better in English than I’ll ever be. Which isn’t odd, ofcourse…

This looks like a good spot to say, “Thanks Coldfire!”

Thanks for answering all my dumb questions before I post them then getting myself into trouble - or looking more stupider than I really am.

Gee - that was almost a sentence… and English is my first language! :slight_smile:

I must confess that I don’t know as much as I probably should about Coldfire. He seems to be far and away the most social mod. Simultaneously the most loved and the most hated.

I feel bad for him (but also laugh goodheartedly) everytime I see another Coldfire pitting.

I will say that for a long time I thought his first language was English. What is it with you northern Europeans and your superior command of our own language?! :slight_smile:

Here’s to you, Coldy.

When I first started posting I screwed up with a distressing regularity. Coldfire straightened me out in a direct fashion without being the least bit obnoxious about it.

He does a great job here.

I greatly appreciate Coldfire.
However, I cannot recognize him.
I don’t know what he looks like. :smiley:

Coldie is a secret agent by night, dressed in a dapper tux drinking a martini.

By day, he is wearing a red body suit, swim goggles and a beach towel about his neck like a cape whilst leaping about in a springy fashion shouting, " Yikes and Away!"

If Coldie actually does dress like this, and if I ever actually meet him, I shall refuse to admit that I know him.

Because everybody knows that you are supposed to use a blue flannel blanket for the cape.

I tried to find Coldfire’s Normandy thread, but it didn’t come up in search. Does anyone have a link to it for the benefit of people like Cisco?

May 5, 1945 - we shall remember.

I’d like to thank him for his work in the War Heroes threads.

They could easily have been hijacked into another antiwar and anti-Bush tirade. They were not, thanks to his intervention.

So thank you very much, Coldfire.

:smack: I’ve read that thread, it’s a great thread. I have a horrible, horrible habit of not noticing the name of the poster whose post I’m reading.

I think that’s part of the reason I haven’t gotten to know as many people here as I would like to.

Coldie is a jack-clogged* thug! But he has a beautifule wife; and anyone who rides an XJ600 can’t be all bad. :smiley:

Seriously, Coldie is a great fellow.

[sub]*Jack clogs: Wooden shoes with uppers that reach nearly to the knees.[/sub]

I gotta put in my two cents for Coldfire, too. I’ve seen a lot of the mods lose their temper. Not that Coldfire hasn’t but he always seems to master it.

He is a he, right?

I like him because he’s a Rush fan. :slight_smile:

The Normandy thread and seeing what I do of his moderating just make him that much cooler.

I never would have guessed that one. He seems at least left-leaning, but then I could be misreading him altogether. For me, above all, it is the fairness thing. In the circumstance alluded to in the OP, he strained every fiber of his being (while describing every creek and groan) to rule correctly. You do not often encounter that sort of ethical honesty.

Um… there is more than one Rush.

:confused: Okay… maybe a link or something?