Colette Hiller - the pilot in "Aliens"

Remember her ? I was just wondering if anyone else found her rather attractive and sexy. I don’t think I’m the only one.
Okay, any Colette Hiller fans out there?

Why, were you thinking about getting in the pipe, five by five?

Well, maybe nine by two.

Given the chance, would you make her call you Spunkmeyer too? :smiley:

I’ve been waiting forever to quote that and someone beats me to it dammit. Dunno why this phrase has stuck in my head - it’s not as obvious a quote as ‘…it’s the only way to be sure’ or ‘…put her in charge’ or ‘…for a percentage’ etc. Maybe I did fancy her?

Goes off to google Colette Hiller…

There’s not much information available on Colette Hiller.
Unless, you were talking about something else when you said you were going to “google” Colette Hiller.

Maybe you played a lot of Starcraft?

Since “Aliens” is being shown a lot on cable lately - here’s another good Corporal Ferro (aka Colette Hiller) quote:
“Rough air ahead … going over some chop.”

Well, according to her imdb page, you can contact her agent. So not only might she still be working, but it’s possible you could ask for her autograph, too. Just a thought.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I’m not that overboard about her. It’s just that I was wondering if there were any other fans of hers out there. Well, I guess there’s a few.

I think she’s soooo HOT!

Actually, I hated that part of Aliens. Cameron was awkwardly forcing his hand saying LOOK it’s the FUTURE see how progressive it is that we have a WOMAN pilot who can jabber in PILOT SLANG. No shit, James, you’re movie already has Ripley and her character is a 100x more subtle - well until you inherited her and and made the entire third act *overtly *about motherhood.

Also, Hiller seemed inauthentic in the role. It was probably the oversized aviators and/or undersized head – like a girl playing pilot dress up.

Of course this is the same guy who had to make it blatantly obvious in The Terminator that Kyle was John’s father. (And the girls sitting in front of me at the cinema had not made the connection until Cameron made it so obvious. :rolleyes: )

I admire the OP’s sincerity. I might just start my own thread, but for Alice Henley.

Huh, this thread must’ve drifted through the core systems…

Probable brain fart here…but what does “in the pipe, five by five” mean?

And yeah, I thought she was/is pretty cute.

“Five by five” is a reference to military communications, where an operator would report (on a scale of one-to-five) the strength of a signal (1 - weak, 5 - loud) and it’s clarity (1- garbled, 5 - clear). Later on, it was just easier to say “Loud and clear”. In this case, it’s an expression for smooth sailing.

“In the pipe” means they’re following their intended flightpath.

Jeez, you’ve been waiting nearly nine years to vent that?! :smiley:

I think Hiller more than made up for any deficiencies with her final moments, when she turns around and sees an Alien coming, she doesn’t scream or shriek or faint like a helpless woman, she immediately goes for her sidearm and almost survives!!

Yeah, he was soooo up to date, stealing it from a 1958 Heinlein novel, too. (Along with most of the rest of the movie.)

I have to go through two massive, multi-lane, traffic-light controlled roundabouts on the way home from school every day – and on the rare occasions when I manage to hit green lights all the way through both (a very rare day if you don’t time it just right and there are no other traffic issues), I will say, ‘We’re in the pipe, five by five.’

I used to say it when I managed to get all the way a fairly long stretch of Route 896 S in Delaware and hit all the lights on green, too (especially as getting stuck at all the red lights made a 15 minute journey nearly an hour in heavy traffic).

That said, I find Hudson’s fine selection of dialogue far more useful for so many every day situations.

I’m going to bet that you can count Joss Whedon as a fan… :wink: