College Basketball Tourney - Scoring Weights

March is here, which means March Madness!

have been designated the office pool organizer this year, and I want to make sure I do it right! I’m looking for input on how to weight the scoring by round. I want to make sure that someone can be rewarded for doing well in the early rounds, but that nobody can run away with the whole thing by the Final Four.

I’ve seen weighting done many many ways. Here’s how I’m leaning towards scoring, with the number of points per correct pick, and the total possible points for the who round:

Round 1: 1 point each (32 possible)
Round 2: 2 points each (32 possible)
Round 3: 4 points each (32 possible)
Round 4: 8 points each (32 possible)
Round 5: 15 points each (30 possible)
Round 6: 25 points (25 possible)

What do the geniuses (i.e. just about everyone in the SDMB’s) think about this? What are your experiences? What works so that everyone who particupates can enjoy the experience, and everyone agrees is fair? (BTW, I do not plan to do any weighting based on seeding or upset picks, so you can gloss over those issues.)

And just for fun, who do you think’s gonna’ be cutting down the nets?