College football fans: how's your team look?

Stoked for the season!

I’ll start things off…my California Golden Bears have been decidedly averagely ok in the Tedford Era (7 straight bowls…none of them BCS). This year, the pundits all say we’re going to be worse than that, and picked us 7th in the Pac-10…which figures. The year that USC is out of the picture is the year the Bears suck.

I actually think we’ll do better than that. I picked every game for all Pac-10 teams, and figure we’ll come in 3rd, and go back to the Holiday Bowl.

Crappy :frowning:

At least Michigan’s secondary is scaring the hell out of me. The unit was pretty weak last year, and the best player graduated, the second best got hurt, the star recruit got academically denied, and two years ago star recruit was released and arrested as a huge bust. I have no idea what they are going to put on the field at this point to stop passes. I could be ugly.

The Offense should be better, and make fewer dumbass mistakes, but They are going to have to score like crazy.

As a Subway Alumnus of Notre Dame and a longtime Austinite…

Beats me. I have no idea how Notre Dame or the Longhorns will do this year. The Longhorns have a brand new quarterback and a shaky offensive line. Mack Brown WANTS to build a power running game and not put too much on Garret Gilbert’s shoulders. Will that work? Who knows- I hope for the best, but will call it a rebuilding year. I’ll say they go 9-3 and take a trip to the Holiday Bowl.

As for Notre Dame, well, the FIRST year for a new coach at South Bend tends to go well. Willingham’s first year went great and so did Weis’… but that didn’t mean they were destined for greatness long term. I’ll guess that a new coach and a relatively soft schedule lets them go 8-4, leading to (probably premature) predictions that, yet again, “The Irish Are Back!”

Hey wolfman…are you still sweating out possible NCAA sanctions, for the over-practicing thing? Or has that passed?

I think the NCAA will accept the self imposed sanctions, or add on something little to show who has the big dick. Technically they are major infractions, but practice violations are a whole different world than major recruiting violations in everybody’s mind. They may actually get off easy as the first to get smacked in that area. The next ones may get an example made.

well i can’t see my beloved horns being much more than above average. probably top 10 but shoot anyone thinking we are making a run for a national title has got to be high.

the one i want to see, however, is the nebraska game. that sucker could be all kinds of cool and dirty.

My team has a new quarterback and the toughest non-conference in the country: Boise State and TCU, plus they have to play the round robin in the underrated PAC 10, so they will barely squeak into a bowl.

You would be Oregon State, then. Yeah, that’s pretty nasty. FWIW, I have you down as one of Cal’s 3 losses :slight_smile:

Pretty good for right now actually. The defense appears to be recovering nicely from the coaching staff shenanigans of last year and the offense should be solid (although we’re a bit weak at WR right now).

We’ll be 9-3 or 8-4. Losses to Okalhoma, Florida, and an ACC team to be named later (maybe Clemson). I think we’ll beat Miami, but that’s always a toss-up.

Assuming we win our bowl game, we’ll finish in the 10-15 range.

Now NEXT year should get interesting. It sure looks like we’re assembling a Top 5 recruiting class…

You think you’re going to beat Miami? I give you a better shot at beating Florida. I doubt either is going to happen.

My team (UCF) is going to look exactly the way it has looked for three years: outstanding defense, okay at the skill positions, horrible at quarterback. Maybe our incumbent junior can mature. Judging by past experience, he won’t. I don’t understand why, but George O’Leary just can’t recruit quarterbacks.

Ramblin Wreck here. Probably an 8-4 season this year. Finish the year around 20th in the polls.

Here is the Bodog over/under on number of wins in the regular season for most of the key Div I football teams:

Boise State Broncos — 11
TCU Horned Frogs — 10½
Alabama Crimson Tide — 10
Florida Gators — 10
Nebraska Cornhuskers — 10
Ohio State Buckeyes — 10
Oklahoma Sooners — 10
Texas Longhorns — 10
USC Trojans — 9½
Oregon Ducks — 9
Virginia Tech Hokies — 9
Wisconsin Badgers — 9
Arkansas Razorbacks — 8½
Auburn Tigers — 8½
Georgia Bulldogs — 8½
Iowa Hawkeyes — 8½
Miami Hurricanes — 8½
Penn State Nittany Lions — 8½
West Virginia Mountaineers — 8½
BYU Cougars — 8
Connecticut Huskies — 8
Florida State Seminoles — 8
LSU Tigers — 8
North Carolina Tarheels — 8
Notre Dame Fighting Irish — 8
Pittsburgh Panthers — 8
Texas Tech Red Raiders — 8
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets — 7½
Missouri Tigers — 7½
Arizona Wildcats — 7
Cal Golden Bears — 7
Clemson Tigers — 7
Michigan Wolverines — 7
Oregon State Beavers — 7
Rutgers Scarlet Knights — 7
South Carolina Gamecocks — 7
Texas A&M Aggies — 7
South Florida Bulls — 6½
Washington Huskies — 6½
Oklahoma State Cowboys — 6
Tennessee Volunteers — 6
UCLA Bruins — 6

Florida should be quite good once again. We lose a lot, but we are currently in reloading mode. I don’t see any other team in the country as being clearly better than the Gators, so we definitely have a shot at the national title. We also have a shot at second place in the SEC East if things don’t go our way in certain games.

Playing at Alabama will be extremely tough, but the Gators could survive a loss there in the SEC standings. I think Georgia will have a pretty good team this year, that would be devastating to lose to them. Playing at Florida State could be tough, but we’ll see if they actually have a decent team this year.

My nightmare scenario as far as the BCS goes is 1) Florida loses at Alabama 2) Florida beats Alabama in SECCG 3) Two one-loss SEC teams sit at home watching the title game between undefeated Boise State and Ohio State who ran through their pathetically easy schedules.

Well, I don’t think Miami is as good as everyone thinks. I also don’t think our defense is getting credit for how much things have turned around (and frankly based on last year’s debacle, I can’t blame people for that). Finally, we’ve always played Miami tougher than UF and Jimbo Fisher doesn’t have the bug up his ass about UM that Bobby did.

Maryland non-grad. Looks crappy. The Fridge is on the hot seat so maybe they’ll make a few ripples, but I expect nothing from them.

Miami has a quarterback. I’m not sold on Brantley.

I spot an editing error here. You mistakenly left off the words “who sucks” at the end of your first sentence. I agree that Brantley has not proven himself yet, but at least he hasn’t proven himself to suck. No way in hell Miami has a better team than Florida this year. They are okay talent-wise, but not nearly as stacked as Florida. And they still have Randy Shannon as their head coach.

You actually think Jacory Harris sucks? Or is this just homer talk?

He threw 17 picks last year. He looked good at times, but he is definitely not the QB to lead a team to victory. His best game was against Georgia Tech, when Miami was running the ball all day and he only had to throw it 25 times. He threw a combined 7 picks in losses to Clemson and North Carolina. I guarantee you Miami fans were cursing his name as their season spiraled out of control. I have no problem saying that Christian Ponder is a really good quarterback. But Jacory Harris sucks. If the Canes want to improve on that third place in the ACC Coastal finish from last season, they will need to do it behind a good running game.

USC fan… I think they will win 9, maybe 10 games this year. I am still not 100% sold on Barkley. I guess we will see how he plays this year without the injury.

It is much worse than that. Coach Rod has gotten us in deep with violations. They have a QB controversy. The defense is in deep trouble. But usually it seems to come together for a while. Coach Rod is losing backers very fast. He needs a strong season and it is not likely.