Collounsbury has a blog

Hey, I just found out that our old banned friend Collounsbury has a livejournal blog!

And man, his picture looks weird.

But good news for those of us that are wondering what he is thinking about the current state of affairs in the Middle East.

Did everyone know this except me?

I believe so, but congratulations on discovering it for yourself.

However, you might want to e-mail a Moderator and ask the policy on linking to the Works of the Banned. (I do not know that it is frowned upon, but it might be wise to ask.) I like Col’s stuff, but this has the potential to attract all the animosity that Col, himself, evoked with various posters attacking other posters based on whether they admit to liking (or despising) Col’s views.

I believe linking is OK, just don’t post anything here on his behalf.