Color of hoses

Why are most garden hoses green?

To blend in with the grass so you won’t see them when you mow. A plot to sell more hoses.


Twisty hoses are not green. thet’re clear, so you can see the water swirl.

DOH!! Man,is that still going around? Personally, I like dark, even black hose with the seam up the back.


Must be tough finding it in your size. :wink:

That brings up an interesting question, why are most garden utensils green. The handles of the small gardening tools, the device you roll the hose on, the little pads that you kneel on, etc.

Let’s look at the other possibilities.

  1. white - would get dirty quickly and look brown.

  2. tan - would not show dirt as much as white but mostly the same problem.

  3. red - would stand out a mile away.

  4. orange - same as red

  5. brown - would stand out on green grass

  6. blue - would stand out against house

  7. black - would look like a deadly snake in the yard

  8. yellow - same as red and orange

  9. green - is relatively camouflaged for both the grass and the house.

Now why is this camo effect necessary? Well it was started by the company that created the twisty hose that mangeorge mentioned earlier.

You see these hoses are top of the line and are verrry expensive. It turns out that there was a black market of people stealing these hoses and selling them to others. They were easily spoted because they were blue. (This was a time in which hoses were a particular color based on the maker, much like tractors are still today). The maker of these hoses decided that something had to be done. So they contacted all of the hose manufacturers and got a meeting. They presented that all hoses should be the same color, then no one could know if a hose was the special twisty kind without using it first. This would make it difficult for a would be thief to find one. The other hose manufacturers could not see how this could hurt them, besides there was the added benefit of owners not seeing the hose and running over it with a lawnmower if they were green. So it was decided that they would make their hoses the same color as each other. Some newer manufacturers have deviated, but most have stuck with the green color.


My hose is from Wal-Mart and it’s bright yellow. Can’t miss it. Not that it’s the greatest hose in the world, but hey, it works. I think that the landscaping industry uses black hoses - they’re probably the real good rubber ones. Soaker hoses are generally black.

As far as hose (singular), I like the ones from Victoria’s Secret. Very nice.

Bunny could you post a picture of you modeling the V.S. hose?


Bunny, you only wear the one? kinky.StrTrkr I never buy green or any other ‘earth color’ gardening tools or camping gear. Bright colors,red yellow etc. If i have to I paint them . Most of the black hoses are higher quality, except for the black ones that are black because most black ones are.(hey it’s gamatical) black is not recommended if your the type who leaves the hose out in the sun, really gets hot.We once had ‘access’(don’t ask) to 500 feet of one inch black hose,we looped it all over a tin roof, lots of hot water real hot. The only camping gear I DON’T paint red is those seamed hose.

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Generally, black hoses are black because they are either made of recycled rubber (soaker hoses) or just to look different and show they are of higher quality than the gree ones. Green hoses are green as far as I can tell just so you can leave it in the back yard, coiled up on the hose reel and not have it look like a bright red fire hyrant or something (also, since black hoses are generally used in planting beds, the black blends in well with the soil and/or wet mulch). In my own experience, the cheaper hoses are darker green, and the better ones are more of a teal or blueish-green color. Then you have your mauve sort of color, which is near indestructable in my experience (the rubber is quite thick).

As for green tools, I can only guess they look more ‘nature oriented’ than bright gold colored tools, regardless of the fact that bright gold tools would be a lot easier to remember to put back in the shed than the forgotten trowel or weeder.

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I think there might be a certain amount of marketting behind green hoses (and lawn implements, too). Let’s say you go to a store looking for something to give you a nice green lawn. Most people will be attracted to green implements.

6) blue - would stand out against house[/qoute]

Not if you live in my house, then it would blend in. :slight_smile: