Colorado's finally important for something NON-skiing

I’m a fourth-generation Colorado native (even Ben Campbell can’t say that!), I’ve never been on a pair of skis in my life, and I’m one of the bluest Democrats you’ll ever see (not blue dog, mind you, just really liberal.) So you can bet this story made me pretty darn happy. (Sorry, I can’t get the new linky thing to work like the old one did)

Anyway, a shout out to my Democratic peeps over in Boulder, metro Denver and wherever else you’re settling in the Centennial State. You guys put us on the map!

Canon City’s important to me for another reason. My grandmother was adopted by the Canon City Rogers around 1910. There was a “Rogers Mansion” in Canon City that was in my family (I remember the “tour”…a small two-story brick area that smelt funny, with many old magazines scattered about). Also, I had two great aunts who managed the Royal Gorge gift shop. I remember walking across the highway across the highest suspension bridge in the world & thinking my family owned it.

Love, Phil

I’m doing my best to temper the overly-republican Colorado Springs with my presence.

I have a lot of work to do.

Hey don’t forget about the supermax in Florence. Colorado also has the bestest prisioners in the world.

No kidding, it’s chock full of Democrats!

Colorado had the Killdozer guy, so that’s something.