Colored text in email

I am so sick of fucking receiving emails with colored text. What the fuck is wrong with you. Every time you decided you need to send out a “it has come to my attention” email you have to use fucking colored text. The first one came about keeping noise down in the office. You said that we needed to keep conversations quieter. No talking over cubical walls or yelling from office to office. You used BIG BOLD RED TEXT to let us know what we can and can’t do. It pissed me off then and I remain pissed off because everyday I hear you YELL TO YOUR BOSS FROM OFFICE TO FUCKING OFFICE.

So today when I came in and opened an email from you that had more RED FUCKING TEXT. I could not read it you fucking bitch. It hurt my eyes to even look at it. But was the red text enough for you? No you had to include GREEN and YELLOW. What the fucking fuck? It is like yelling without using caps you stupid cunt. I feel sorry for my co-workers. I know they had to actually read that entire email. The only part I could read was the subject line which thank goodness was in black. I know it had to do with emailing clients and since I never deal with outside clients I know it will probably never pertain to me. I am so pissed right now I am sure my blood pressure is though the roof. It is only nine o’clock in the morning and I will have to go though the entire day feeling pissed off about a stupid email. I am so glad I am off on Monday so I can take three fucking days to calm the fuck down.

Stop using colored text you stupid fucking bitch. There is a time and place for colored text in emails but I think you have failed the etiquette test.

Please read :

And read this too:

Damn it now my whole day is fucked because of a email from you:mad:

Also, this is my first pit thread so I hope I did it right

There’s a special place in hell for people like that. Right next to the people who put their e-mails in a large fuzzy purple italic font on a pink background with a picture of kittens.

I’ve said it before, and this won’t be the last time I say it, either.

Email should be plain ASCII, black and white, capitalization as per the usual rules of usage.

asterisks for emphasis. CAPS used sparingly for section titles, maybe. A link to an image on the web, if this is necessary.

If you cannot communicate what you need to communicate with that, then you are a moron.

But it costs extra for those text-editing features! They paid for them, and by God they’re going to use them, dammit!

Just use an email program that either doesn’t support such nonsense or filters it out.


Fucking hell. I agree it’s annoying, but if you get that heated about red text in e-mails, what happens when a major tragedy such as a sticking mouse ball or dirty monitor occurs? Og forbid the results of a systems crash causing you to lose half-an-hour’s work!

Have you tried switching to decaf?


While I agree with you about formatted emails, I would heartily recommend (a) using an email program that can be set to convert all incoming emails to plain text and (b) investing in a word-a-day calendar and learning a few new words.

My father, who is pretty good with computers for a 70 year old, is a horrible email offender. No matter how many times I tell him, he insists in using all caps, often in a hard to read script font. To make matters worse he is on AOL and somebody (curse their oily hide) showed him how to use all those animated icons and smiles. His emails are often headache causing and nausea inducing at the same time.

Work e-mails should absolutely be as plain as possible. I mean, I like my html format, but don’t abuse it. I have a neat, precise little background and while I don’t use times union font, I use one very similar.

Personal e-mail is a little more flexible but still don’t abuse it. It’s OK to put one word in a different color. Did you hear me? One word. And use italics, underlining, or all the other lovely punctuation we have.

Wait a minute. I’m being reasonable in the pit? Fuck that!

I thought we weren’t supposed to use the word “colored” any more… Hate speech! Hate speech!