Comcast Users in FL Panhandle: No Internet For You!

For Comcast high speed internet customers, the internet went down on Sunday afternoon. Up until late Monday, their website help pages and phone service told customers that the health of the network was just fine.

However, I was sent a link to a Comcast forum. I can’t post it here, you have to be a member to read it. In this forum, there is a thread saying that on the INTERNAL Comcast message board, they are aware that fiber-optic cables are broken in multiple locations in Pensacola. Throughout much of the Big Bend, nobody has any CC internet. Your modem will tell you that you’re connected, and CC can be pinged, but there is nothing else you can access.

There is apparently no redundancy, no network to be worked around. Our internet access comes on one cable, from 200 miles away. Reports are that restoring power is the main priority in Pensacola, and everybody else has to wait. This being the case, there may still be no internet for us on Friday of this week. As of Monday afternoon, CC had made no official statement saying this. But in the CC forum, a customer who called to find out what was going on was told that people will be issued a credit for lost connection hours, after being out for more than 24 hours.

I hope you don’t work on the internet from home! You’ll be out a week’s worth of pay, unless somebody really gets off the stick right away.

OK, please disregard my OP, because I’m home now and they seem to have put a Band-Aid on it. Let’s hope it stays up.

I know it sucks to lose your internet access, but I honestly am not surprised if it’s down around Pensacola for a few days. Nor would I be surprised if employers aren’t prepared to deal with people lacking access for a few days. A major annoyance, to be sure, but I’d be more worried about getting power back than the internet back.

That being said, I hope it stays up, and I’m glad that this seems to be your biggest problem from the storm.

My verb tenses got totally screwed up there somehow, but I think you can get what I mean.

We have a family friend who lives practically on the beach in that area. He was supposed to be going home today; I don’t know if he’s reported back yet, though if he doesn’t have internet access, that may slow his reporting back down a bit. Last year I evacuated from Ivan. I am not heartless or unfeeling, honest.

It came back up around 6:50 PM eastern time – but yes, it was annoying having to go back to dialup last night (Sunday)!

Usually Comcast in my area is pretty quick to respond to any outages or interruptions. I didn’t realize it was so widespread until this morning when I went to the Comcast office to pay my latest bill.

At least they got things back up and running today.

I missed the “disregard” post. Oops. Sorry. Glad it’s working again…