Come on in here and gimme some lurve.

I’m new and while I appreciate the genderless…pictureless…ageless…anonymity of this board, I still feel the need to introduce myself.

I get in trouble on other forums because I’m too “blunt”. So when I came here, I was feeling a little timid. It turns out I’m gonna fit in just fine! :cool:

I live in Denver, I’m a teacher, I study linguistics, and I hate people who talk in elevators. The only thing anyone ever talks about is the weather or how slow the elevator is. Just be comfortable with silence, people.

anyway, show me some love because SD has been around forever and no one likes being the n00b. :wink: I’ve lurked but never registered because there were so. many. sub-forums. Like most opinionated (and good-looking //ahemcough) women, I can’t stand the idea of being ignored.

OOOooooh, blunt. We like blunt. And opinionated. Good-looking we can take or leave.

Hi, newb. Good to have you on board. :slight_smile:

The nice thing about a board with no avatars is that you can’t be swayed by a pretty face. :wink:

It always helps a n00b if they (at least claim to) look nice. :smiley:

I like blunt. Weapon of choice.

I predict a stern warning from a moderator for you
other than that i think you are ultra cool

Does anyone know why this thread doesn’t have an OP?

A warning already?

don’t ignore my violent torpedo of truth

Hush up with that frip-frappery or I will smack you. “I’m going to ignore her so she will show me her ladyparts.” :o

I’m sorry. I have a girlfriend, so while I may love you or wuv you, I am afraid I am not allowed to lurve you.


Q: Where are the Libya threads? I feel like this should be a topic of conversation somewhere. The other day I said that I was a “realist” on a message board and someone said, “Oh yeah? Where do you get YOUR “realism” from?” (implying I was talking about news sources)


So I said (dryly) “Machiavelli.”

Also, what does one have to do to get noticed around here? It like a certain few people just fly back and forth in their own little tub o jell-o.
ah, well, nice to meet you guys. I don’t need to be in a group of like-minded, but I do appreciate intellectual discourse.

and the occasional shaming of a moron

How does one speak dryly on the internet?

Dear Blunt Object: I would assume that most Libya threads will probably be found in GD or in the Pit. The mods tend to consolidate like-subject threads, because that’s just how those jack-booted thugs operate. As for bluntness, you and Mean Old Lady should be BFFs in no time. Or mortal enemies. Either way.

Getting noticed is not always a good thing.

Please be accurate. Some of us prefer Ferragamo to jack boots. :smiley:

Welcome to the Straight Dope, fellow Citizen!

I’m sure we’ll never leave you baffled. Welcome!

I still prefer CP to BO. :wink:


Hello! Welcome! We have pie!

It is nice to see a fellow linguist around these parts. I just hope that you don’t fall on the prescriptivist side of things or we’re gonna have some words.

So what’s your favorite phonetic segment? Mine is the Voiceless Dental Fricative.

OK, she’s made a few posts now! TIme for the initiation, where is the Jell-o? And the Squid?
CP, this won’t hurt, I promise!

Welcome, welcome! Don’t dis Esperanto, and I’m sure we’ll get along.

Would you like some ice cream? I just made it. It hasn’t escaped yet.

And the porcupines!

She’s lying, btw. It WILL hurt. But in a good way.

I do find the θ pretty thethxy.

I am a language snob…but I won’t cry if you say “irregardless”.

WHAT?! Ughhh…my spellcheck didn’t even pick that one up. We are so doomed. :confused:

everyone else: So who wants to wrestle first? I grew up in Iowa with three brothers. I can take it. Let’s eat some Jell-O.