comedy central shows

how did battlebots andinsomniac end up on Comedy Central? The few times I saw battlebots it hardly had anything to do with comedy. And even though insomniac starts with some stand up, it comes off more as an alternative travel logue than a comedy. It just seems weird to me.

oh crap, I really screwed the pooch on the OP!

Screwed The Pooch would be a good Comedy Central show.

Insomniac is pure comedy, perfectly appropriate for the channel.

I like Insomniac. I think Dave Attell is hilarious. The one I don’t get is Crank Yankers. God I hate that show. It’s so irritating!!! Also, The Man Show really bugs me. Unfunny.

Probably because the other networks didn’t want the shows. “The Sopranos” was turned down at the regular networks, if memory serves me, and landed on HBO.

Crank Yankers rules so much. And The Man Show has only recently become unfunny.

Man show with Kimmel/Carolla = funnay

Man Show with new host? whoever there are = unfunnay

Dave Attell on insomniac is funnay!!

Special Ed and Spoony Love on crank yankers is funnay

I like the stand-up, and also The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Occasionally, they’ll have a good movie on, but otherwise Comedy Central’s just kinda… “eh”

Battlebots was an odd fit on CC but I liked it so much better than any of the copycat or ripoff shows that aired on TLC or TNN (now Spike). I wish someone would bring it back.

Insomniac just uses the standup routine as a jumping off point. Dave Attell is a standup comedian touring the country. What do you do after your last show in different cities? It’s a perfect kind of comedy travelogue show for CC (a fun odd mix of 3rd shifters, bars, drunks, strippers, weirdos, stupid behavior, college kids making bad choices, etc.) without imposing a pointless game on it (like Travel Sick) or the stupid hero worship/fear of an idiotic Man Show writer on that crapfest show, I’m With Busey.

Crank Yankers annoys me just as all “gotcha” shows do, but even more so since it’s just puppets lip-syncing to lame phone pranks.

I never had much regard for The Man Show, but the new version makes the Adam & Jimmy version seem almost well done by comparison. And since I think Jimmy Kimmel is the anti-christ of untalented famous people and frat boy humor, that’s saying something.

I want more episodes of Chappelle’s Show, it was uneven, but when it was funny it was great ( the O’Dweeds ad and the black white supremacist sketch in particular). Although Dave’s obsession with R. Kelly/toliet humor and his one-note crackhead character got old very quick.

I still want to find and punish whoever is responsible at CC for letting pathetically unfunny Martin Short and his fat suit near a TV camera to make a shit show like Primetime Glick.

I miss Strangers with Candy.:frowning:

Let’s face it.

When the Shakespeare monkeys take a day off, they head over to Comedy Central and write up a few new show ideas for the network.

But one of them came up with Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so I guess I can’t complain.

Oh, wait. Sealab 2021 and ATHF are on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Never mind. Replace that with “The Daily Show” and chalk it up to way too much time in front of my latin book and not enough time under my blankets.


Insomniac is good, so is the Daily Show, rebroadcasts of Conan and SNL can be, The Man Show was good with Adam and Jimmy, Crankyankers is tolerable at best (though Adam Carolla’s Birchum is always great), Reno 911 is great. Of course, that’s…what…4.5 hours max.

Anybody remember that stack of steaming feces by the name of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush? God that was awful.

One of the guys was the repairman from News Radio. I don’t know who the other douchbag is but they both suck. I’ve liked Carolla since his Love Line radio show and Kimmel was a perfect sidekick.

Insomnia is pretty funny but I can only watch so many episodes of a bald guy hanging out with drunks in Jerkwater USA.

screw you guys! Southpark, kicks ass.

John Stewart is pretty funny but I can never figure out when it’s on.

I like Crank Yankers! I like Crank Yankers! I like Crank Yankers! I like Crank Yankers! I like Crank Yankers! I like Crank Yankers! I like Crank Yankers! I like Crank Yankers! YEAAAAAAAA!!! (well, sometimes)

Trigger Happy TV is like an un-funny British Jackass. While those idiots think that it’s enough to stand on a corner in a rabbit suit (and maybe it is in Britain), Steve-O goes the extra mile and has trained rottweilers chase him down and maul him while wearing the rabbit suit.
Reno 911 sucks balls because they in fact, suck balls.

Chapelle Show = Chris Rock light

The reruns of cartoons like Gary & Mike, Dilbert, Clerks, and that college one that used to be on MTV are fine until you see all ten of the episodes they made.

And it’s always nice to catch movies like PCU or Trading Places with all the profanity removed and commercials every 5 minutes.