God Damn You Comedy Central

Tuesday nights are supposed to feature 1 hour of Battlebots. I don’t care that they were reruns. The reruns are still entertaining.

However, for two or three weeks now you been showing only 30 minutes. Why the foreshortened offering? To make room for The Sweet Spot.

Who the hell thought this absolute dreck was worth putting on television, even basic cable? I’ve seen public access shows better than this shite. What shit-for-brains thought watching the Murray brothers play golf and make lame insults towards each other would be, in any way, shape or form, funny? Not only are these “comedic actors” not funny, they don’t even read their own shitty jokes well.

Listen you shitehawks, you finally got a show that’s pulling decent ratings. Don’t shit on us. You’ve already lost some of your nuggets (MST3K, PI). Don’t risk losing Battlebots for this feces. 'Cause when the shit hits the fan, we’ll bolt for another network

By the way, I’m still pissed that you ended Short Attention Span Theater. Now that was a show I could appreciate, when I was paying attention that is.

i would rather see the Murray brothers engage in passionate, incestuous sex than see even 5 minutes of BattleBots.
God, i hate that show. WHY THE HELL IS IT ON COMEDY CENTRAL IN THE FIRST PLACE??? don’t you get PBS?? watch Robot Wars, it’s much better.

Short attention span theatre?

What were these?

PI means Politically Incorrect, which airs now on ABC.

Short Attention Span Theater, or SAST, was a clip show, hosted variously by Jon Stewart and other people. It was an hour of clips of great bits from stand-up comedy routines. No half-hour stories, just the good stuff in small chunks.

I liked SAST, and I loved PI. I also loved the show with Paul Provenza where he interviewed other stand up comics.
But Battlebots sucks hard.

Battlebots sucks ass. It’s not funny… nor are there any parts that I can imagine would make anyone laugh. So, what’s it doing on “comedy” central?

I say get rid of that crap and run a whole hour of the Sweet Spot. Pretty funny show if you ask me, and the Murrays are a riot.

Wisconfidence… ehehhee. <wanders off chuckling>

I, too, mourn the loss of Short Attention Span Theater.

But Battlebots? Gimme a break, then read what acconav said.

Bring back Alan Havey (and Nick Bakay) BIYAAATCH!!!

This rant brought to you by Spotted Dick and the Moooooooebley Hotel (now with soap!)

Comedy Central? What’s that? You see, I live in DC where I’m shelling out $40 a month to Comcast for basic cable and get neither Comedy Central nor Sci Fi channel. But I do get two NBCs. And constant ads from Comcast telling me why getting a dish is a bad idea (note to inbreds in the Comcast commercial- your dish needs a clear line of sight to the SW sky and it says so clearly in all of the literature. Whining that you had to cut down a tree for your dish only makes everyone aware of the :wally that you are).

So next time you moan about only getting 30 mins of Battlebots, please take a minute to think of poor ol me watching Diagnosis: Murder reruns on PAX.

I wouldn’t care if Battlebots left Comedy Central. I’ll even agree that it is out of character for the network. I’ll watch it whichever network its on. However, in no way should the drivel that is Sweet Spot shorten the amount of Battlebots I get.

Now to other shortcomings on Comedy Central.

Explain to me why Kids in the Hall comes on at 9 a.m. Saturday. That’s a show that needs to be on in the evenings when I can actually watch. I don’t care if I’ve already seen it before, I want to see it again.

Why did you start showing all those sucky movies? Are they really cheaper than blocks of stand-up or sketch comedy? Noone needs to see Stripes four times a month. (Yes, I’ve got a hate on for Bill Murray now thanks to Sweet Spot, despite the stellar Rushmore and Ground Hog Day performances)

Enough with the Saturday Night Live already. Bring back Exit 57. Start another sketch show. Rerun Fridays for Crissakes! I don’t care what you do, but there is only so much SNL that I can stand.

To acconav: I watch all of the robot fighting shows. I like Battlebots best because all they do is fight, no lame mazes to navigate.

Apparantly Battlebot’s contract with Comedy Central is up for renewal after the next season airs; there is some speculation that the show may get moved to a more serious network who will do a better TV treatment. FYI, unlike Robot Wars or Robotica which are basically just robot game show put together solely for the purpose of television, BattleBots is an independant competition which had been running for years untelevised before the CC deal came along. And unlike those other fighting robot shows, the BattleBots competition is not run by the same people who produce the TV show; Comedy Central basically just has a contract to show up and film the last few days of the tournament and edit them into their show.

I’m not a fan of Battlebots. I don’t like the announcer or the piped in crowd noise. I haven’t seen the Murray brothers’ show, but I’m very disappointed in Comedy Central’s treatment of their good shows.

The cancellation of Dr. Katz and Strangers With Candy is something that I cannot forgive. When I’m lucky, and can stay up till 2 in the morning, I can watch reruns of Strangers With Candy, and you know what? They’re still funny!

The Daily Show, South Park, and reruns of old shows like SWC and The Critic are the only things on CC worth watching. I’d like for them to pick up Family Guy reruns (if that’s possible) when those bums at Fox are finished with it.

I too remember that battlebot. I believe its name was “ass vacuum 2.0”. It failed miserably as most other battlebots do not have asses.


Battlebots rules. You Battlebot haters are crazy. It has robots! And they beat each other up and ram each other and get hit by saws and hammers and flip each other upside down! You just can’t beat that.

I want to know what the hell happened to TV Funhouse on CC. God, I loved that show.

I have no idea why they aren’t rerunning their old clip and skit shows. In the beginning, just about all they had was stand-up comedy, and they mixed it up as much as they could, with SAST, Stand-Up Stand-Up, and The A-List. Then, they got more successful, and they developed their own skit shows, some of which were great (and here I’m thinking of The Vacant Lot) and some of which were pathetic (and here I’m thinking of Limboland).

They need to start rerunning The Vacant Lot and Exit 57, and they should purchase the old episodes of MTV’s The State (Viva Variety was a half-assed spinoff of a State skit) and get those back on the air as well.

Oh God, The State, best show ever. I’m already addicted to Comedy Central–I mean, even the shows I don’t really like, do they broadcast subliminal crack or something?–and if they showed The State I’d never turn the T.V. off…

When I saw that Viva Variety!'s Johnny Bluejeans was whoring himself out to Spy TV, part of me died.

So did I.

Bring it back, dammit!

There were, what, 10 or so episodes? You can’t run a series with so few episodes for very long without running it into the ground. They need to grab Robert Smigel and make him poop out another batch.

I invite you to put some solemn music on the stereo as we pay homage to funny shows gone by.

The Vacant Lot
Short Attention Span Theater
Stand Up, Stand Up
Episodes of Saturday Night Live filmed before 1991
Limboland (Yes, I was the one watching it.)
The A-List
That show about women’s comedy that Mo Gaffney hosted.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (A pox also on the SciFi Channel for this one.)
Exit 57
TV Funhouse
Strangers With Candy
The Critic
Dr. Katz
The Upright Citizens Brigade
Screw you, Comedy Central. The Daily Show is the only thing you’ve got going for you any more. I suggest that you make the hurting stop by realizing that the term “heavy rotation” applies to music, not movies, and bring back the funny before I perform unholy rituals to resurrect HA!.

Oh yeah, Battlebots. Robot combat is inherently cool, but I agree that it has no more place on Comedy Central than yet another rerun of Coming to America.