Comedy Central, What Do You Have Against Sleep????

I’ve got a job interview tomorrow morning at 11 (shut up. that’s early for me when I’m not working). Comedy Central, I like you. You have some of my favorite shows on you. Daily Show. South Park. Colbert Report.
So, just before I go to bed (early, mind you) to get up (um…early, mind you) for this interview, you play one of my favorite, most underrated movies EVER:


This has happened to me for the past couple weeks. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Airplane! Even Scent of A Woman, just to hear “Hooah!”

I like sleep.
Why won’t you let me?
Do I sleep too much?
Why won’t you let me be?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Comedy Central’s target audience doesn’t sleep much, and they don’t have to get up early because they don’t have jobs. :wink: They’re all stoners, too. I heard it from Bill O’Reilly.

My problem is with the Daily Show; it needs to run at least an hour earlier. Right now my choices are either to miss it :frowning: or wake up at 3am on the couch.

I wonder what Bill O’Reilly did when he was a yoot.

That charge would stick if I ever smoked the stuff. I’m a night owl. What can I say?

Yeah, I’m the same, although I substitute the board for Comedy Central.

It’s not even uncensored!!

Aw, christ!
I mean…it’s…butchered! It’s still a great movie and all, but…damn!

I’m just happy whenever they’re NOT PLAYING a damn Mind of Mencia rerun!!! Which seems to only be like 8 hours a day.

Lived off his parents?
Killed liberals in the park, drank their blood and pawned their stuff?

WTF does it mean, “yoot”? :slight_smile:


Then I reckon he did rip out throats in the park and suck blood.
One must be nimble for that sort of thing.

That reminds me of why My Cousin Vinnie is one of my favorite movies of all time.

I can’t picture Bill O’Reilly being very nimble at all. I see him as more of the predator that spits venom, then slithers at his leisure to the writhing target as the poison takes hold.

Oh sure, 75, 100 years ago. He could out-Gollum the best of them.

Comedy Central used to play an ad (or maybe still does?) plugging its late-night line-up that actually had the phrase, “Because sleep is overrated…”.

So yes, it would seem that Comedy Central does have something against sleep.

You know that it reruns the next day at 8 PM, right?

Somehow it is just not the same. :wink:

LOUNE: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure got me over the weekend, I think it was on HBO and kept me up until 2am.
How did the interview go?


15 minutes of interview. Quickest one ever. I think they loved me and want me in, barring bad references.

They want me to run a nursing home. Anyone know if that’s lucrative?

Good Luck, hope you get it and I have no idea on it being lucrative.
What state will you end up in?


They’ve many properties in many states. They mentioned New York (because I went to school there) and Florida (for more obvious reasons).

I’m not entirely sure if I want to take it yet. I’ve applied for about 50 friggin jobs since graduation and I’m hoping I’ll hear SOMETHING from some more pretty soon.