Comfortable reading position

I, myself, greatly prefer to read lying down-- on a couch, on a bed, even the floor if need be. I find I’m not relaxed enough to really get into the book if I’m just sitting on a chair.

I prefer sitting in a comfortable chair, preferably a recliner or couch with a high enough back to lean against, with the book resting in my lap on top of my crossed legs. Failing that my only option is to lie on my stomach with a pillow under my chest to prop me up enough so that I’m not supporting my weight on my elbows (I’m holding the book vertically in front of me while doing this).

I’ve read both ways, but lying on my front I have to stop and move around occasionally.

Sitting/lying in a reclining chair beats both bed and an upright chair. I like an upright chair more than bed, though.

Sitting; feet up or at least out. And even at my age I enjoy reading while sitting on the floor with my back against the sofa like I did as a kid.

Sitting. Specifically siting lounging in a chair with the kindle propped up on a table within hand’s reach. I specifically got one of the newer kindles that has a kickstand.

I sometimes wonder at how, when I was a child and as a teen, my favorite place to read was lying down on my bed; nowadays that sphinx position is uncomfortable after a few minutes. Mind you: a factor may have been that the chairs in my bedroom were (and remain) extremely uncomfortable.

I used to read lying in bed all the time. Often I would read aloud to my wife a book that she wanted to read, while she dozed off. I would mark the spot when she fell asleep and take up whatever book I was reading. However, now that I wear glasses I find reading in bed less comfortable and mostly read while sitting.

Recliner, no question.

When I was a kid I often liked to read in bed on my stomach, hanging a bit of the edge, with the book on the floor. Not sure what that was about.

Lying or sitting, but most often lying. On stomach or back, both are fine. I’ve tried reading while walking on a treadmill. Impossible. probably at least 50% of the reason I didn’t finish The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson was because, at well over 1200 pages, the book is way too damn big to hold comfortably in any position.

Sitting up in bed.


Lying down on my stomach kills my back and neck, and lying down on my back makes my arms tired from holding the book up. Sitting in a semi-reclined position is best for me.

Sitting in a comfy chair with good light. If I try to read lying down I almost always fall asleep (but I do like it while I’m awake!)

Reclining. Really halfway between sitting and lying down.

Sitting. I’ll read in bed occasionally but just find it easier to sit in a chair. That chair was often an airplane seat once upon a time.