Comfortable reading positions

I’ve been doing a lot of reading during the past few months and I’m never comfortable. If I read for a couple hours I usually end up with a stiff neck and shoulders.

What type of chair/couch can you comfortably sit on and read for a couple hours?
Do you rest your book on something or just hold it?
What helps?

The best position I’ve found is propped up with pillows in bed, with the book propped on a bed tablex over my lap. Other than that, I also end up stiff and sore after a while.

I sit up and rest the book on a pillow.

Sprawled out on the couch with the book propped up or laid flat nearby. ‘Bed’, ‘grass’, or ‘bathtub’ can be substituted for ‘couch’.


I lie on my side in bed with my head on a pillow and rest the book on the mattress.

I sit sideways in my living room chair, with my back against the right arm of the chair. My left leg is on the chair, with my shin against the left arm, and my foot is dangling off the front. My right foot is on the floor. Then my cat jumps up to curl up in the triangle created by my legs, and I prop the book on the back of the chair. Perfect, at least until my leg cramps up and I have to move the cat.

ETA - if I lie down to read, I fall asleep in about five minutes.

I’ve really never found a good reading position in a comfy chair. I wind up doing most of my reading at the kitchen table, with the book laid out in front of me, and my knitting in my hands. I do get a lot done that way.

Lying in bed with a huge bowl of popcorn on my stomach to counter the weight of the book.

I also read while I watch television. It drives my husband nuts.

i have many fun devises. some of them for some reason i can’t find anymore.

i have a book pillow from levengers. it rests on your lap and you don’t need to hold the book (been discontinued). i have a levenger page hand for when i’m reading and another activity. (also been discontinued a large binder clip can work). and i have a book stand (thankfully can be found anywhere) that holds a book in a slanted upright position on a table.

i also knit, watch tv, and surf the net while reading.