POLL: What position do you prefer while READING in bed?

When I go to sleep I usually read for a 1/2 hour or so. I read on my stomach, propped up by my arms with the magazine or book below me on the bed.

My SO insists that I am abnormal for doing this. According to her, most people read sitting upright, propped on pillows like the Brady bunch couple always did.

So, how bout you, Dopers?

I read like you.


Clearly the optimum reading position is lying on your side propped up on your elbow. Convert heathens…

I actually went and lay down in my bed and read a book to see exactly how I was positioned.

I lay with my body completely flat and with my head supported by a couple of pillows and place the book upright on my chest.

Doggy Style.

Seriously- I’ll be lying on my back, reading, and my dogs’ll jump into the bed and start licking the book. At least they’ve got good taste. :rolleyes:

Print: Lying on my back with the book resting on my chest.

Ebooks: Lying on my side, with the hand holding the palm pilot resting on the pillow. This is my preferred position but doesn’t work as well with print books.




I find I get the most pleasure with the book on top.

I also like reading in public places, where at any moment someone could come in and see me with the book. Very exciting.

I usually read Brady style, but also sometimes on my side.

Trouble is I prefer lying on my left side, leaving my right hand free to turn pages, but my bedside lamp is on the wrong side of my bed for that (and, no, it can’t be moved!).

I’m with the Bradys on this one. When I try to read like you do, the pressure on my elbows makes my arms numb.

Jocke’s Style, I choose not to read too interesting a book as I have to get up for work next morning.

I always lie on my stomach, with my arms crossed underneath either me or my pillows. My book sits on the empty expanse between the pillows underneath me and the end of the bed. I really can’t read Brady style because my bed frame is on wheels. If I lean against pillows, I end up finding my top half wedged between the wall and my bed because the bed slipped out from underneath me.


I start on my back and then move to the side facing away from the light.

Lying on my side, with one elbow propping me up. When that arm gets tired, I switch sides, and occasionally lie on my stomach, but only if both sides are completely tired. For me, the most unnatural, unenjoyable position to read in, is the Brady position Ugghh.

Brady style. I usually sit propped up against the pillows, knees pulled up, book resting on my knees.

I can’t lay on my stomach and lean on my elbows for a long time. It just gets uncomfortable.

Goo style.

I can’t read on my stomach [small](my chest gets in the way)]/small], and I can’t doze off reading on my back.

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Blasted coding!

I change position about every five minutes.

Generally lying on my side with the book either on the bed or propped on the other pillow. Occasionally on my back with the book either propped on my chest or held up in one hand, depending on whether it’s hardcover or paperback.