Comic Con "zombies" attack deaf family's car

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I cannot image that poor family’s thoughts as this happened.

Bystanders have a different story, including that he tried to drive through parade-watchers, the window wasn’t pounded on and broken until after he hit people, and that the zombie-walkers weren’t involved.

“It’s normally so quiet here”?

i laughed.

The info, photos and videos tell a completely different story. This was an assault by automobile which the bystanders reacted to. Not the other way around.

The driver was just tired of waiting and was in a hurry. Hope he spends a long time in jail.

Too soon to tell. Let the story develop.

Weak-ass uncommitted roll-players. If you’re gonna do a zombie apocalypse, Zombies are gonna get plowed.

Indeed, the video shows the windshield intact as he began his drive through the crowd.

Starting at 0:15 - Car horn sounds.
0:18 - Lady in pink blouse says something to driver.
0:25 - Guy in orange shirt taps on drivers window and appears to be speaking to driver.
0:25 - Guy in blue shirt enters from left side of video. At 0:29, blue shirt appears to sit on car hood. Crowd laughs. Driver proceeds forward. Blue shirt falls off hood at 0:36.
0:33 - Guy in black shirt, who had been passing from right to left in front of car, runs away from car as it passes thru the crowd.

The whole thing is very bizarre.

I’m not buying the I didn’t know what was going on excuse. He may be deaf but there’s been a Comic Con parade every single year for quite awhile. How in the hell did he not know about Comic Con and the parade? The whole city fills up with people attending Comic Con. This guy is just oblivious year after year of what’s going on all around him? He never saw people dressed like Batman, Wookiees, and other costume characters? Has he been living in a cave?

I think he was just an impatient jerk that didn’t care who he ran down.

Who had the right of way? Were people crossing the street, or milling in the street? Was it at a crosswalk?

It’s completely irrelevant who had the right of way. You don’t purposely plow down people in the street.

All of the videos I’ve seen of the neighborhood around the Con showed cops closing off streets and directing traffic. Were there no traffic cops in this area at the time?

It won’t be irrelevant in the inevitable court cases and insurance claims.

Wouldn’t a parade permit override normal road rights? That’s the point of a parade. The road use is reserved for a special event…

Assuming of course a parade permit was applied for and granted.

My thoughts exactly. Wouldn’t you know something was up if you saw a bunch of people dressed as zombies, Batman, Darth Whomever, and Stormtroopers?

Or to put it in a less politically correct way – The family is deaf, not from another planet.

In California pedestrians are like Garbaldi fish.

Driving downtown during Comic con is a hassle.

According to the UT article the Zombie parade is not an official part of Comic Con but is instead an ad hock thing. I am not sure that is correct. I go to Comic Con every year and I thought that the official guide talked about it.

This year the police were directing traffic on Harbor in front of the convention center and a few blocks in on 4th and 5th. The cell phone footage looks to be away from that area by a few block. I have watch the zombie parade as it came down forth in past years. Where I watched it there was crowd control.

deploy the cowcatcher.

Yup. Right of way doesn’t ever permit you to purposely drive through a person.