Anybody coming to Comic-Con here in San Diego later this month?


If you see a guy that looks like Buddy Holly he is a co-worker of mine from when I worked at Lonestar Comics.


If you see Alex Ross, tell him Sharon said that he is the biggest asshole she’s ever met. And I don’t much like his girlfriend either! Also, be completly unimpressed with him.
He’s a big dork!

Oh man, do I wish I could get there for the Con. I went two years ago and had a great time! So, Esprix, mind if I crash on your couch? :wink:

It’s not my couch. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to meeting two new comic heroes of mine - the authors of “Dork Tower” and “PvP.” :slight_smile:


Sorry I was just imagining someone that makes you laugh while they take your money.

I would go, but finances don’t permit.

Esprix: Go to see Andy Mangel’s presentation(he’s a friend of mine) on Wonder Woman. It is supposed to be entertaining.

What comics are you into, Esprix?

Scott Kurtz I assume! Man, I would really love to meet him even though he is a sell out money grubbing whore. (only us true pVp fans know that!)