Comic Q...can "Daredevil" drive a car?

…y’know, without having to stick his head out the window? Would his enhanced senses be blocked by the glass of the windshield? Would driving at freeway speeds be possible for him, or would the rushing wind and sonic doppler effect mess up his hearing too much?

The cop-out answer: Most superheroes fly/swing to work. He doesn’t need to.

The real answer: I think the windshield would be a problem. I remember a Fantastic Four issue where he aided the team in fighting a disguised/possessed Invisible Girl (she wasn’t “Invisilble Woman” just yet), and DD described her as an “amporphous blob.” He was referring, of course, to her ever-changing force field, which DD merely read as a random shape.

More recently, in Marvel: The End, a super-evil Pharoah killed the FF and Avengers (don’t worry; they got better) and entombed them in glass crosses. DD read them as solid crosses, and Spider-Man had to explain the contents.

There’s a much older FF story where he drives a truck. It was drawn (and co-plotted) by Jack Kirby, who really didn’t “get” Daredevil.

In his own title, DD has never driven a car.

Motorcycles are cooler anyway.

I can name at least one instance off the top of my head…

During a Frank Miller story arc in the mid-eighties (Kingpin learns his identity, destroys Matt Murdock’s life, Karen Page returns as a junkie ex-porn star, etc.) Daredevil transports the body of a super-soldier-type dude named Nuke to the Daily Bugle in order to expose the Kingpin. In addition, this occurred during a rainstorm which rendered DD’s radar sense “useless” or somesuch.

I believe I called bullshit at the time.

Good storyline, though.

He could probably navigate by listening to the screams of frightened pedestrians.

He could drive - but stop lights and traffic signs would be a mystery to him.