What’s going on with their website? It got slower and slower and now you can’t log on at all! I know they did an overhaul, apparently it didn’t work.
Are they working on the problem? The world wonders…

None of my RSS feeds from there (through Bloglines) are working today, either.

Something is clearly pooched.

As of this writing, a strange little backdoor is still working. Go to, which takes you to today’s page for the comic strip 9 Chickweed Lane. Use the pull-down menu and you can get to any other comic strip. Why this is working and not the regular page, I could not tell you, but there you have it.

I tried to register at the new site on Saturday, but never got the validation email. So I tried to register again on Sunday, and got a message that I was already registered but wasn’t validated. Got them to send me another email, which I got this time.

What really has me annoyed, though, is that they’ve reset the Li’l Abner Classic strips. Now I’ll never know if Fearless Fosdick managed to catch the killer Chippendale. :frowning:

Go to:
You’ll get some of them back. Not Abner though. :frowning:

Oh they already pissed me off with L’il Abner! This summer they started printing it from the first ever strip, introducing all the characters, only to stop it after a few months, then start up with a much later storyline. Just as I was getting into that, they reboot their whole site and totally screw the pooch.

I’m not impressed, either - I can see Dilbert cartoons at, but I’m losing my Get Fuzzy fix. :mad:

Seems to be working, but it is very slow. And you’ll have to register again, even if you already had an account - which means all your “My Comics” selections are gone. And I had the same experience as LurkMeister - tried to register and never got the first verification e-mail.

Y’know, it was never a particularly speedy site, but it’s terribly slow now.

Abner works via the Chickweed link in flodnak’s post.

What I can’t figure out is why, from my work PC I can’t access it, but from my home Mac I can (as of this morning), and get the OLD page?

I registered this morning and received the verification link. Went and logged in and tried to set up a my comics page with no success.

The backdoor works though! Thanks.

It was giving me trouble all yesterday morning, but by about 9 PM they had worked out the kinks. Website re-designs don’t always go smoothly, that’s all.

Figured it out - I actually link to it through the ‘Chickweed’ backdoor at home.

I am surprised at how vast has updated their archives to- for one thing, they now appear to have every Peanuts strip ever published.

It’s working a lot faster now. Still, you can’t do anything like center the strip until the animated ads finish loading, and they are very slow.

I had a paid subscription for email delivery and I have to admit I was a little sceptical when they first said they’d be going to a free service - I wondered what was coming.

Not at ALL keen on the advertisements. I’d cancel my (free) subscription but apparently it doesn’t think my email address is registered despite sending me emails every day.

Why on earth can’t they implement a system where people who are happy to pay can get the old service they wanted, while still keeping free-with-ads as an alternative service? It wasn’t an expensive subscription; I’m happy to pay it if it means a) not gettting comics I didn’t subscribe to b) getting the full set of comics I did subscribe to, and c) no advertisements!

I can get my daily Frazz fix (slowly) at home, but not at all at the office… The office computer doesn’t like the flavor of Flash they’re using, and it crashes my browser. It’s also harder to move through the archives now.

Why do people insist on using Flash and Java for things that simple HTML does just fine?