So What happened to Yahoo Comics

I used to have a link on my Safari page on my Ipad that dumped me into an assortment of popular daily newspaper comic strips. It seems to have died within the last week and now redirects to some general Yahoo news page.

So using my laptop I went to yahoo and search for “comics” which showed a few strip links like “9 Chickweed Lane”, etc. Clicking any of those links got me to that same general news page.

Has anyone seen any info from Yahoo on whether they dumped their comics section or is this just another one of those cases where it will revert once some yahoo gremlin returns from his holiday absence and fixe3s this?

Appears to be cutbacks.

Not like they were ever that good at keeping it updated.

I go to now.

GoComics doesn’t have any of the King Features comics; you need to find a newspaper site that carries them. I use Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

**Johnny Bravo ** - Thanks for the link.
At least we know now that it’s not some temporary glitch.

For over ten years my home page has been a customized "My Yahoo " page but I’ll be looking to create another custom news page somewhere else. Yahoo has slowly over the years cut out any products in My Yahoo that I found useful.

Try Between them and you should be covered.

I must be the last person with a customized My Yahoo homepage then. Do I win anything? Like the company, maybe?

Nah, I still have it. I may dump it soon. What’s a good page with a mix of headlines, customizes sports scores, some entertainment headlines, and a comic or two?

I gave up on finding a site that had the right collection of comics. Instead, I wrote a very basic local web page with just links to each comic I wanted. I downloaded an extension for Chrome that lets me select a group of links and open each one in a new tab. Each morning I just grab the collection, open them, and skip from tab to tab.

I keep xkcd on the top of the list with a blank line in between, because it only updates three days a week. Makes it easy to select them all, or all but XKCD.

If your comics have an RSS feed, I’d probably just use that with one of the various RSS reader sites. If not, you may be able to make one with, if you can find a list of them that updates.

Personally, I just keep my comics in my bookmarks, except the ones that have not update schedule, for which I use blogtrottr, which will send me an email within an hour. I even put up with the one ad they include.