Coming out of the closet

Congratulations, Corvus.

May you find the love you need, and may you love with all your heart.

Being one of the straights around here (hey, somebody’s gotta be straight! We are - theoretically - in the majority :)), my understanding is that the toasterovens, etc. are bonuses for recruitment.

I think there’s an old thread about it somewhere, that (since it’s lunchtime here in the Eastern US) I’m not even gonna try to search for. But andygirl can fill you in. :wink:

Glad you’ve come to the point where you’re able to be honest about this aspect of yourself, both with yourself and with friends that you trust. I hope that they were as accepting as those here have been.

Wow, Corvus. I know that must’ve taken some guts. Congratulations! Here’s hoping it all goes well for you.

So, how are people in your life taking it so far?

Bravo. Good luck to you.

Yay! Congratulations, and welcome. It all gets easier from here.

Just checking in to show m’support. Grats, and good on yer. :slight_smile:

I’d just like to add my voice to all the others cheering.

(Sadly, this is not the appropriate forum for witnessing. So I’ll omit my ‘Phelps has it completely wrong’ speech)

BTW-Why isn’t there a rainbow smiley? Esprix’s done Ask The Gay Guy 1-5? There’s an amazing level of tolerance on the SDMB, but where’s the rainbow smiley?

Another member of the family here to welcome you home! Congrats on your coming out! (Hmmm…why doesn’t Hallmark have a card for that?!?)

Ah, yes, one more joins our number.

Congrats, Corvus, on opening up your life and being free to be you!

I’m sure they will eventually. They have cards for everything else.

Corvus, add my name to the list of your supporters. Congrats on taking that big step, and I sincerely hope your family and friends support you as much as we here on the boards do.


Bravo, Corvus!

Congratulations. Just remember to do it at your own pace.

I was out in high school back in the late 80s, which was kind of unheard of at the time. After all, this was way before all that XY Mag stuff and youngins coming out all over. I had a boyfriend in my last year of HS, and to this day, he’s my very best friend.

Oh, yeah, and my parents are totally cool with it. They figured it out long before I told them. I mean, dogs know I’m gay… :smiley:

I have to say, though, university is where I really learned about “The Life”, as matt_mcl so aptly put it. Many, many different experiences, all of which I learned from. Today I’m comfortable being out at work in an environment comprised primarily of str8 male engineers (many of whom are total hotties… sigh). I mean, what are they gonna do, deface my cube? I’d totally sue the company for everything it’s got… :wink: Besides, there are cameras all over the place here… heh.

Anyway, just chiming in with my support for a fellow sista. :wink:

  • s.e.

The end times, they are upon us.:smiley:

Good for you! Telling the parents must be one of the toughest things (depending on the parents of course), so I hope all goes well for you if/when you take that step.

Congratulations! The heady days of coming out are behind me now, but I still remember the mixture of elation and fear. Good luck with your parents, I was terrified that my Dad would disown me forever, and he was incredibly accepting. He even treats my partner like a member of the family now. Good luck, and remeber, We Are Family!

Thak you everybody for your replys. It mean a great deal. FTR, I am a guy, with all the appropraite dangly bits. As for Hallamrk, well, they have some issues, especially with their kiss kiss bears.

So, someone said something about a secret handshake? That’s so sweet… :slight_smile:

hey, thats great to hear!

no offense to anyone, but i wasn’t aware there was so many of you guys on the boards.

that’s cool to hear!

Yeah, and y’all seem to have more than your proportional allocation of fun :frowning: Fooey no fair.

Oh well, give life a kiss and a nibble and enjoy!

Yay Corvus!

Hey, me too! (although I’m only a freshman right now.) If anyone gives you crap for making an effort to survive high school with sanity and self-esteem intact, tell 'em to go … get bent. :smiley:

I thought we did have a rainbow smilie. We have six. :confused: :eek: :rolleyes: :wink: :cool: :mad:

Look at this list. The SDMB Family is full of some of the coolest people ever.

Congrats man, best of luck.

Looks like garnering support in the boards sure isn’t a problem :slight_smile: