Coming Out

This is probably the biggest secret that’s not really a secret, but since we’ve come out with this to the LJ community, we felt it was time to come out to the rest of the SDMB community.

As most of you know, my divorce will be final in about 5 weeks.

What many of you don’t know is that Persephone’s marriage is also over. It should legally be over by winter of this year.

For a lot of people it would seem that life is going downhill, but we’d like to come out of the closet and let everyone know that we do have a future.

With each other.

Once Cristi’s affairs are settled she will be moving to Rhode Island, and we will be speinding the rest of our lives together.

This has been a long time coming. Cristi and I have been friends since back in the old AOL days. We met at the Straight Dope message board there and since then have been each others’ help and support. We’ve weathered each others storms, held each other up, supported each other as we both tried to save our marriages and cried with each other when we discovered that they just couldn’t be saved. We’ve had our share of fights; some minor, some unbelieveably harsh. But now, through it all, we’ve finally discovered that we just don’t want to live without each other anymore.

So, there we are. We’re officially a couple now. Expect big things.

Good luck to you both. :slight_smile:

Oooh, wow. That is wonderful, Euty. :slight_smile:

May you enjoy many happy years together.

Robin, Dave and Aaron


I read the title of the thread and thought for sure Euty was gonna tell us all he was gay! :wink:

Seriously though, congrats to you both. May everything be wonderful for both of you. :slight_smile:

:cool: This is just the greatest you two! Much happiness! Much joy! Congrats to both of ya!

[sub]much benydryl in my system. gettin’ all sappy here.[/sub]

:slight_smile: I’m happy for you both.

My friends:

Thank you for trusting that small group of us with this knowledge up to now. I know it’s been difficult for both of you to continue being discreet.

I wish the best for you. I’m very pleased you’ve found your happiness with each other.

If you need anything, you both know where to find me. My neck of the woods isn’t so very far away, either. Don’t be strangers. Casa Dave-Guy is always open to you, my friends.

:slight_smile: Wow, congratulations! A story with a happy ending is always welcome, especially one with happy Dopers together. Best of luck to both of you. Looks like you guys have a great life together ahead of you.

That’s terrific! Congratuations, you crazy, mixed-up kids. :slight_smile:

Eutychus and Persephone sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Just teasing. Congratulations. May you have a life time of happiness together.

I really did think he was coming out of the closet when I read that title;)


I’ve been there. I was in an unhappy marriage, and it should have been a vast weight off my shoulders when the divorce was made final, especially given that I had initiated it. Of course, real life is never that clear cut, and whilst it was a relief in many ways, it also caused a lot of introspection and pain. Walking out with only the clothes on one’s back, an early model Pentium, and a thirty year old Ford sucked royally.

I did the hard yards alone, but then I found myself a damn fine lady willling to grow old with me, and I’m glad that you have done likewise.

Divorce is never a strictly “good” thing, but it does have practical upsides to it, so it often isn’t a “bad” thing either. Both of you will come to your new relationship with experience and understanding, much as my partner and I did when we made a life together in 2000. Our relationship rocks. Yours will too.

Best wishes to you both. You deserve it. I can see two top notch Dopers electronically, and I’m sure if I met you both in real life, that opinion would be confirmed. Happiness to ye.

::tears of joy:: Oh, congratulations! Yours is a story of such romance! (eventually) May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you!

Ooh, I could just write a story on it!!

i always thought y’all would be good together. my best wishes for y’all.

Wishing you much happiness together, from the Pad of Evil®:slight_smile:

  • scott & jeremy evil

P.S.: Euty, will you still let me kiss your delicate hand? :wink:

I have the BIGGEST smile in the universe (‘cept o’course for y’alls) arcing on the ol’ face now.

The bit I’ve been priviledged to know of each of you always makes that smile widen, and the now fact that you are really together is just immensely gleeful. It’s such a good and true and beautiful love. May every blessing grace you both.

Heart so singing!

I’m so happy for you both, and I’m glad to know both of you. I wish you every happiness, and I know you’ll have that. You guys are the best. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

I knew it! I knew there was something funny going on betwixt you two!

OK, no I didn’t.:wink:

Congrats! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Oh that’s Fabulous!!! Congratulations on the beginning of a fantastic life! I met my husband online, too. It’s amazing how well you get to know one another when you have to articulate all your feelings over email or phone. It leads to such a deep understanding and love!

Congrats again!