Coming soon: Post #3,000,000

Who will make it, and how are we going to celebrate? I’m thinking a cake with 3,000,000 candles.

So, how far away are we? Please don’t tell me to do the math. I stink at that.:slight_smile:

Man, I remember when User 10K came on board, at that was quite the accomplishment.

The post counter on the front page is behind, as post number 3,000,000 has already been posted. Here it is. Hover your cursor over the “quote” button to see the post ID.

It’s already happened? I was expecting a big banner with ballons dropping, to come across one of my posts YOU ARE THE 3,000,000 POSTER, YOU WIN . Now I’m disappointed. I didn’t get to be the winner.:frowning:

That’s the lonliest 3 millionth post I’ve ever seen.

Wow … the big 3-0 …
-0-0 …

-0-0 …

How’s it feel, handy?:wink:


Holy crap~!

3,000,000 pearls of wisdom all in one place.
I feel so special being a part of this place. :slight_smile:

Ummm, then you’ll have to subtract 1300 or so.

Ahh, and to think it was only 10 months ago that I didn’t post the 2,000,000th post.


Happy, the poster previously known as stv

I say the mods lock that thread just so we can keep it preserved and intact for future generations.

I think we should be going by count on the main page, not post IDs. As of this post, we’re at: 2,981,593 .

One closer. And it seemed like it was just yesterday we were counting down to 2 Mil.

Hell, it seems like just two yesterdays ago we were at under 10K registered users…

If I’m not mistaken, we’re close to thread #200,000. This one is #167,059. Does this deserve a whole new thread?

Damn that was uneventful.

That would be the button with the word “Quote” on it, right? 'Cause when I hover, all I get is “Reply w/Quote”.

Look at the line at the bottom of your browser. It shows the url with the post ID count.