Commercial jingles you didn't know were real songs

“There’s a big beer brotherhood
Of Hamm’s…” ran a beer commercial of my youth.

I was pushing 40 when I heard the soundtrack of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” for the first time, and there was this song called “There is a Brotherhood/Of Man…” And I said–“Oh, that’s where it comes from!” (Actually, I said, “Why are they playing a beer commercial in the middle of the show?” But you get the idea.)

Other examples:

“It’s not too sweet/It’s a cool refreshing treat/Canada Dry ginger ale/it’s not too sweet”

Which is based on “Ain’t She Sweet (See Her Coming Down the Street),” a song of the 1920s, not that I knew it when I first heard the commercial.

And “Crispy, chewy, crispy chewy, Duncan Hines makes cookies that are crispy, chewy…” (Note: the words here may be slightly off. It’s been a while.)

Which to my surprise turned out to be using the tune of an apparently well-known made-famous-by-Sinatra song “Love and Marriage.”


As a kid I remember being surprised when I found out “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” was a real song, and not just the California Raisins jingle.

I remember the “Love and Marriage” tune as a '60s Campbell’s (?) soup commercial advocating a meal consisting of “Soup and Sandwich.”

Also from the '60s, the “I Love Funyuns” jingle turned out to be a barely rewritten version of an actual novelty song, “I Love Onions.” Years later this was repurposed into “I Love Turtles.” :confused:

I had no idea the Debeers song was written for anything other than the commercial.

I was wrong.

And used ironically as the theme song to “Married with Children”…

I had a friend who thought that “All of Me” was written for the Steve Martin film of the same name. Not true…

That “Whoo-Hoo!” from the Labatt’s commercial a few years ago…

Song 2 by Blur

The theme song to House is from a band called Massive Attack. I thought that was rather brilliant. (The song is called Teardrop.)

You are a lucky, lucky person. The radio station that I listened to in San Francisco played that song about five times a day for about ten years.

I saw the original movie MASH years after I had seen the TV show, and was quite surprised to hear them play the TV theme song in the movie, with words.

The words were written by Robert Altman’s son. Altman later complained that his son made more money from the TV show then he did (he made nothing, actually).

I was surprised when I found out that “I’m Gonna Wash that Grey Right Out of my Hair” from some shampoo commercial was actually from South Pacific and titled "“I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right Out of my Hair”

Just thought of a super-obvious one: The Lone Ranger / William Tell Overture.

I also just realized that both of my contributions aren’t commercial jingles. :smack:

I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never, ever, ever let you forget you’re a man is an actual song written by a famous song writing team and recorded as an actual record a good decade before Enjoli perfume.

Or from the Vonage commercials … “Woo Hoo”, by the’s.