New Budweiser Commercials: That's 'Sweet Child of Mine'...?

Hi. Usually this is easy for me, but this one wasn’t. The song starts from the 0.04 second mark as a piano riff… and it took nearly the whole commercial to guess it.

Q: Did you know it instantly or did it take you a while too...?

I just saw this commercial for the first time earlier today. I wish I could say that it took me the whole commercial to figure it out to be in solidarity with you but, no, I knew it right away.

I recognized it almost instantly…but “recognizing songs used in commercials” and “identities of voice-over actors” are my superpowers.

I think I have seen this and I knew instantly.
The song, however, is about a woman.

But the commercial is about the love between a man and his best friend. He is also the best man at the wedding. I wonder how the wife feels having her wedding song play for these two?

I have had that song pounded into me over the airwaves non stop since my senior year of high school. I have heard every version, style, tempo, multiple languages, etc you can think of. So I noticed it immediately.

When I heard this version however, I actually liked it and convinced my 9 yo daughter to learn to play it on the piano for my birthday present this year.

I still HATE the original. :slight_smile:

Okay, so how many of you recognize the piano riff from the Raisin Bran Crunch Apple-Strawberry commercial? (Don’t peek at the comments until you listen.) I heard it and thought, “Seriously? That’s what they chose for theme music?”

I haven’t looked at the comments, but that’s an even easier one. It may even be a loop of the original. (I can’t tell–I’m listening on the phone, but it’s at least the same instrumentation as the original.) Although, technically, there’s a more recent song that sampled the original, so the reference may be that that song, not the original.

It’s just a simple piano riff. Unlike what the comments say, it’s not “the beginning” of that piece, but the same riff that’s repeated, with little or no variation, from beginning to end. (Listen with something like a karaoke filter on to suppress the vocals.) There is one little break-up riff about midway through, but otherwise it’s those couple of bars over and over all the way through. Easy to imitate, although in buying the rights they might have just pulled a sample.

AaOooh! guess WZ isn’t around to protest.

I am not especially musically inclined but I knew it instantly. The riff in Sweet Child of Mine is one of the most recognizable in the world. That isn’t bad for a song that was literally written in a few minutes. I just wish they would would go back and finish it. Where do we go now?

This. I knew it right away.

Oh, I got that one right away. But then I learned to play it, so my dog could sing along. He will howl on cue, but he will not howl on key. But he’s cute.

Also it’s a piano riff, played on the piano. The other one, I don’t know if I would’ve recognized it. Of course I would have if it was played on a guitar, because it’s a guitar riff. I probably would’ve thought it sounded familiar. But thanks to the OP I already knew.

OK, you had BETTER have a video to share!

I would argue the comments are wrong- I think it’s that god-awful Kid Rock song about banging girls on docks. Still a horrible thing in context, but a little more understandable.

Yeah, that’s what I think it’s going for (and what I was alluding at the end of my comment), the “All Summer Long” reference. Although, as you note, listening to the lyrics, it’s about reminiscing to your teenaged years, smoking dope, drinking whiskey, and screwing out by the lake. Maybe a little jarring in the context of daughter & pop on the dock fishing and eating a bowl of cereal.

I was actually going to post one on YouTube but then I thought, hm, copyright? Also my piano was out of tune (this does not explain the dog). The piano being out of tune didn’t bother me when playing it (dead keys do, stuck keys do, out of tune not so much) but I know other people don’t like to hear it. And when listening, I don’t like to hear it, either. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me while I’m playing.

Anyway I gave the piano to my grandkids so now it’s gone.

Got it right away. But then you sort of give it away in the title.

As for:

Got it right away too!