Common Boring Things You have Never Done

I have never mailed a letter form my house.

I have never cooked a non-scrambled egg.

I have never built a model using glue or paint (I always built the snap-together prepainted ones, because I’m lazy.)

I have never watched an entire tennis match.

should say from, not form

I have never posted in a common, boring MPSIMS thread asking me what common boring things I have n…Damn.

I have never played golf :smiley:

I’ve never smoked pot.

I’ve never sat at the foot of my bed and tossed a deck of cards, one by one, into my hat.

I’ve never inhaled helium and then spoken all funny.

I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

Gone on a date

Watched a soap opera (if OZ or the sopranos don’t count, at least)

Had sex on a ferris wheel.

Oh, wait. Yeah I did…

I can’t think of anything.

I never lived completely on my own. I’ve always had a roomate, or girlfriend, or wife, or something.

I’m 41 years old, and I’ve never travelled out of the country, not even to Canada, and that hardly counts!

I’ve never been bowling.

Actually dates may be non-boring; I believe I’ve heard it claimed that the whole point of going on a date is that it may turn out to be interesting. :slight_smile: If you are lucky, you may even get lucky, in which case the result may be disappointing but certainly not boring.

never had tuna

This might be a good game: rating How boring are you?

  • I’ve never had sex on a Ferris wheel (though that question probably wouldn’t make the cut?
  • I’ve never flipped a deck of cards from the bed

Here’s what I’ve never done:
** Never made potato salad.

I’ve never watched an official football game.

I think I’d qualify how boring I am by the things I do for fun.

I’ve never played a real game of golf (though I have driven a golf cart).

I’ve never killed a deer (though I’ve killed other furry little creatures with big brown eyes and felt guilty for it).

I’ve never attended a college or professional football, baseball, or otherball game (though I did go to a high school football game once).

See, Mooney that was a joke. You’re supposed to laugh so I can feel all clever. :wink: