Common Boring Things You have Never Done

I have never cut the grass. Our riding lawn mower scares me, and seeing my dad zoom around on it like a race car or something, I think he enjoys it too much to give me the privilege.

I’ve never played golf, or flicked an entire deck of cards into a hat from t he end of my bed either.
I also have NEVER lived alone…preCG I lived with my family and then postCG I was married.
I have never gotten my toungue stuck to a pole by licking it while it’s really cold.
I’ve never made a snowman.
I’ve never been out of the county…not even to Canada.
I’ve never owned a dog.
I’ve never had a funeral for any of my pets.
I’ve never flushed a goldfish(though I did flush a dead Beta fish once).
I’ve never kissed someone of the same sex in a sexual way.

I have never gotten drunk.

I have never sent a package using Federal Express.
I have never purchased anything on layaway.

I’ve never gone to a carwash.

I’ve never watched a reality TV program

I’ve never had to clean (dust, vacuum, sweep, put away stuff) the whole house.

I’ve never played peek-a-boo with a baby

I’ve never made a cake and put icing on it (I have made a cake, just don’t like icing)

I’ve never watched a game of cricket

The kicker is, despite what you may think, I am a young straight male. Weird, eh?

I’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies.

I’ve also never smoked pot.

Never been outside of the US.

I have never watched a complete episode of ANY of those “reality” shows.

I’ve never driven a car.

Come to think of it, I’ve never ridden a bike.

I don’t trust this new-fangled wheel thing. No good will come of it.

I have never seen the movie Titanic

Never scratched hashmarks on the wall of my cell to indicate the passage of time.

I’ve never been to a football (soccer) match.

At first, I thought “Wow! You people make my life seem interesting.” Then I realized that means my life has been full of common boring things I have done.:smack:

I think I’ll go teach a fish to …whistle…or something…

I’ve never… hmm… let me think on this… I’m sure I haven’t done a lot of things but offhand I can’t think of them.

I have never watched more than a tiny snip of any televised sporting event [BattleBots does not count as a sport]

I’ve never fed a baby.
Never smoked, gotten drunk, or gotten high.
Never belonged to a church.
Never watched Survivor.

I have never gone to Canada, despite living only 2 hours from the border.

I’ve never done any of the following things.
I am reasonably certain that I will never do these things.
In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the things on this list. Some of them I’m too afraid to do; others, I have no interest.

Never done any illegal drug.
Never flown.
Never golfed. (miniature golf does not count)
Never played even a hand of Bridge.
Never watched any “reality” tv show.

My life must seem dull. It isn’t, really.

Mona Lott

I have never flown on a commercial airliner.

This summer, I will be a commercial pilot. (though not for an airline)