Community 10/6 - Competitive Ecology

3 words

“No Offense Todd”

and wow, the Chang plot is weird

As weird as the Change stuff was, at least I laughed. The main plot went nowhere and everyone’s character was somehow both exaggerated and shallower in an unfunny way.

Normally I love this show.


Chang’s antics could displace the study group as the show’s center, and at this point I think it might be for the better.

I wish I could have payed better attention to the show but my 4 year old (I call him The Boy) wasn’t very interested. Chang’s bit was pretty funny at the begining, though I would have preferred something real to go with it instead of the shenanigans. The study group seemed pretty shallow and unlikeable. I’m going to have to watch this one again.

My guess is that Todd is going to return later in the season, perhaps to exact his revenge on the study group.

I doubt that, but we will definitely be seeing him again. Other than the occasional guest star, characters don’t disappear on this show.

I loved this episode. And being massive jerks to Todd sadly seemed within their character.

I was slightly amused at the ending where it seems the dean might be kind of crazy too.

So is John Goodman going to make any more appearances? Before this season started the ads said that Goodman would be, “…joining the cast of Community.” I thought it meant as a regular, but I guess they mean as a guest star?

Something REALLY cracked me up about Omar asking the “pop pop” guy, “You know they’re laughing AT you, right?” THEN he told the study group they’d have been called “the mean clique” in prison.

Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite episode, but I love getting to see Omar again. I know the character’s name isn’t Omar, but if the actor didn’t want me calling him Omar for the rest of his life, he should have been less awesome on “the Wire.”

They broke Todd.

[quote=“Valerieblaise, post:9, topic:598845”]

Something REALLY cracked me up about Omar asking the “pop pop” guy, “You know they’re laughing AT you, right?”/QUOTE]

How can you not know his name…it is “Magnitude”…Pop Pop!

She had legs that went all the way to the bottom of her torso, and arms with elbows.

“It’s a palomino.”

The characters did seem, on the whole, to be rather more … slapstickishly petty than usual. But my excessive fondness for the comedic use of absurdity and caricature keeps me from being too bothered.

Abed’s line — “The hair color concept intrigues me because it’s how I distinguish you anyway” — had me cracking up. Not because it was all that funny, but because I find it very difficult to remember faces and names; thus hair color (and shape) plays a large part in how I categorize and recognize people. I really don’t think I’m a robot. Hm.

Also liked: “Ha ha! Gotcha! This was also a test, and you all penised. Passed. Maybe I need to take one. A test … not a penis …” Can’t have been the only one reminded of penises ensuing.

According to this interview with John Goodman and Joel McHale,

Note that the whole thing contains a few spoilers. The show keeps referencing the school’s budget problems, of which Goodman’s character is the cause, so I suspect this topic is something they’ll return to occasionally throughout the season.

I’ll add that, although I would’ve predicted irritation from too much screen time for Chang, I’ve rather liked him so far this season. The film noir parody is pretty old hat, but they played it here with such thorough nonsense that it didn’t seem too cliché to me. I was sure he would end up inadvertently unraveling a real conspiracy, though.

I liked how Dean Pelton’s and Chang’s internal monologs were… not quite so internal as they had thought.

Weird, I thought this was the first episode of the season that totally clicked for me, and felt “right”. To each his own, I guess.

The show is pretty good with getting humor out of characters staring; First that one episode whith Troy staring at LeVar Burton, and now this episode where Chang stares open mouth at that one girl.

It was annoying me that I couldn’t remember that guy’s name, either. I kept thinking it was “Mandingo”, for reasons that are probably subconsciously racist to some extent.

I’d be happy to discuss it at length with Britta, at my place over the weekend.

Almost forgot, thank you for the link.