Community 3/18

Pierce is the first man to drown in a parking lot twice.

“Mom said there came a point where the doctor stopped delivering me and just started laughing”.

I was kinda “meh” on this episode. The character interactions just didn’t jell for me – maybe too much of the core group dealing with outsiders instead of with each other.

Also, no Abed and Jeff.

BUT, Annie seems to know her way around clay much more than I would have thought. Nice technique…

The show becomes more surreal each week. I’m starting to like it less all the time.

Woah, gotta balance things out in here. I loved it as usual.

All my out-loud laughs came from Pierce. Even at whatever age he his, Chevy Chase still has a knack for physical comedy.

Jeff "Goldblum"ing was pretty good too.

Loved it, and the more surreal it gets the more I like it. The Goldbluming cracked me up, as did Abed’s narration.

Oh, also Tony Hale and Lee Majors were brilliant.

ironic that you cited the two least “surreal” jokes of the episode. what i mean is that meta jokes about writing like voice-overing, making fun of celebs, and pop culture references in general are the staples of Community’s humor. The narration and the goldblum are classic examples of that.

the “surrealness” (to me) came from Jeff acting so out of character - turning obsessive over “better jeff” and the entire sailing storyline. The pierce drowning (part deux) wasn’t especially funny. racist, clueless, deadpanning chevy chase is better than physical comedy chevy chase, imo.

I liked Pierce calling Jeff “Pierce” for using the term “cat’s pajamas”.

I wanted to see who was stealing Senor Chang’s clothes.

Not their best, but I liked it and still better than most other sitcoms.

How many other shows will make a joke that is

1- About a character who was emotionally tortured by his mother-
2- Over his kid brother’s tragic death
3- The joke’s funny?

Must admit that I didn’t quite understand “Goldbluming” though. Is it kind of like “Woody Allening” (neurotic whiney self obsession) but “Jeff” specific?

I liked that they didn’t show Jeff’s mom’s face, which probably means that they’re going to bring her onto the show at some point and it’ll be a famous actress in a cameo. (My guess would be Patty D’Arbanville or Goldie Hawn and she’ll interact with Chevy Chase.)
Also liked that the surroundings implied he was poor.

If “Woody Allening,” is acting like Woody Allen, “Goldbluming,” is acting like Jeff Goldblum.

Not sure if you knew that much or not. If you did, just ignore me. :slight_smile:

Sampiro, he was “lapsing” into Jeff Goldblum (think about how he was in Independence Day or Jurassic Park).

I’m only to the part where Jeff has to try and make his own pot, and the fact that Annie does not sound like Annie. Annie has a high pitched voice and is eager to please. That’s what I like about the character.

Man, none of the characters are on, except maybe Pierce. The timing is off, and they’re relying too much on the absurdity of the situation. I barely laughed at all, That part that Sampiro thought was funny wasn’t funny at all, because there was nothing funny to build up so that that type of joke could work.

I mean, the last episode wasn’t hillarious, but this one was barely a comedy.

This episode is actually out of order. It showed up on Hulu a few weeks ago as the “next” episode, but then it disappeared. Notice that Jeff talked about it being the last drop/add day, which would be fairly early in the semester, and they’re more than halfway through the season. Anyone know why they would decide to delay it?

Ah, well there it is then.*

Not sure, but they did the same thing with Family Day, which they had referenced (in the past tense) in a previous episode.
*Amadeus reference.

Just got to this.

Wonderfully weird episode. Usually the jokes are verbal, but this time almost all were visual gags. The students looking up from the classroom as the boat sailed by was priceless.

All the leads were acting out of character, so they couldn’t do this every week, and I wouldn’t want to lose the verbal humor. But I probably laughed as much as for any episode of the season.

I really liked it. Pierce describing his birth was hilarious.

I about lost it when Pierce hit the sprinkler head.

I like Abed’s voice over. Though, I’m beginning to wonder whether he knows that he’s a character in a sit-com.

I also liked Abed’s voiceover and how Jeff told him it was a crutch. Felt like they were getting a dig in at another show… Scrubs, perhaps?

I liked the Swayze poster w/ the big red X through it. So wrong and so funny.

Two laugh out loud moments were the boat outside the classroom window, and Jeff’s rival’s internal monologue.

“It should have been you!!!”