Community 3/24

A female tiger.

I took the line as “Famous actress and a bunch of other people.”

Either way, it works.

Indeed, from the first scene - arriving, voice over, Abed’s sweater nailed it.

There are good looking guys out there who call phone sex lines and pretend to weigh 400 pounds.

It totally went over my head that the “no-no juice” was wine. (And I didn’t realize that Abed was doing My Dinner With Andre until the waiter mentioned it.)

Actually, I think she said “it was a thirty minute movie about a group of friends who like cheeseburgers, dancing and the Bible.” It’s funnier that way because airplane movies are SO edited, that only 30 minutes remained of what could be shown.

Exactly. And Shirley didn’t realize that the film had been edited down to thirty minutes, but believed that she saw the whole thing.

All the Cougar Town jokes were funny and all, but mainly they made me wish Cougar Town was currently on the ABC schedule. It got to be a pretty good show once they totally dropped the entire premise and just made it the cul de sac crew. Better than Mr. Sunshine at least. And way better than Better With You/reruns of other shows that they air in the 8:30 Wednesday slot. PENNY CAN!

I loved the gift of the wallet.

Jeff: It’s the one that says Bad Moth…
Hostess: Your table’s ready.

There’s an exchange after Abed tells his Cougartown/poop story. Jeff says “Your food’s getting cold” and Abed says something like “I’ll still eat me”.

Did anybody catch that? I didn’t get it.

Best delivered line of that night was Jeff’s “Yeaaaaaaa…”

MY DINNER WITH ANDRE is on youtube in its entirety. I picked up on the parody when Abed was talking about the 200 people on Cougartown being a community. I haven’t tried watching MDWA in more than 15 years- I couldn’t get past Andre Gregory droning on about some pretentious piece of performance art; I’ll rewatch it to see the Wallace Shawn parts. (Jeff was the Shawn character.)

I think he said “how silly of me”

I was wondering why Abed was served his appetizer or salad course, while Jeff never received the salad he ordered.

Not having seen “My Dinner With Andre” what would the waiter have done if he’d been following the script?

I liked it. It worked for me. Actually, NBC had a pretty strong night last night - Community, Parks & Rec, The Office (for the first time in a very long time), and 30 Rock (for the first time in not quite as long as the office, but still a while) all had very well done episodes.

Well that did absolutely nothing for me at all.

At 10:30 Outsourced was really funny, too, but you were probably going to bed by then like millions of other people who won’t miss it next season… :frowning:

I haven’t seen My Dinner with Andre, but I loved the episode. I don’t think getting the reference would have improved it; what made it so funny to me was Danny Pudi’s acting.

Hard to believe he hasn’t been nominated for any awards yet. He’s better than Jim Parsons, and that is praise indeed.

A tiger, you sexist!

Interesting episode. Not their funniest, but pretty good.

My Dinner with Andre was one of my teachers’ favorite movies. We watched it in class and all I can remember is staying awake until Wallace Shawn said “Inconceivable!” then falling asleep. So if the waiter hadn’t mentioned the movie I also wouldn’t have gotten the reference. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the episode but I never want to hear about Cougartown again.

I thought it was touching and funny. Danny Pudi was amazing.

My only gripe is that I thought Abed was going through a real crisis, like he did at Christmas. I found it engrossing. But the reveal that it was a movie trick undercut the emotion.