Community 3/24

I thought that was interesting though, it makes the viewers feel kind of annoyed and dumb for allowing themselves to be tricked, just like Jeff did. Abed’s later speech about trying to reconnect with Jeff, who Abed felt had been ignoring him, made up for it.

Britta in a Mia wig? Hot.
Britta’s Mia dancing? So. Hot.

I really liked the show, and this episode in particular, but watching this episode, my main thought was “I can’t believe Community got renewed”. It made Arrested Developments incest fixation seem positively accessible in comparison.

But anyhoo, I hearby declare Apeds long drawn out speech about Chad the best buildup to a ‘I pooped in my pants’ joke in sit-com history.

I think I’ll have to watch this episode again to fully appreciate it, but I did enjoy it. I was rather relieved to realize that no special familiarity with Pulp Fiction was required. I’ve only seen about half the movie and that was more than ten years ago. I’m sure there were specific Pulp Fiction jokes in this episode that I missed, but it seemed like the basic knowledge of the movie that anyone who pays much attention to pop culture would possess was enough to get most of the references. I recognized most of the costumes and knew that the plot of Pulp Fiction involved a mysterious briefcase that had SOMETHING valuable inside.

I thought at first that it was going to turn out that Abed was stuck in character as Chad, a regular guy from Cougar Town, and thought it was a good twist to have him trying to act like a mature, sophisticated adult by imitating My Dinner With Andre. Abed has changed somewhat as a person if he was capable of wanting to act like a mature, sophisticated adult in order to connect with a friend, but he’s still the same guy who spend Halloween trying to be Batman.

Cougar Town is done filming for the season but next year they must put Danny Pudi in the background of a scene. They have to, the gauntlet is thrown. Speaking of him, the scenes with him and Jeff were mesmerizing. This wasn’t the funniest episode but it was great televisioon. I am so glad this show is renewed, it just may be the best show on TV right now.

Abed was able to turn into an Annie-panty-moistening Don Draper but that didn’t indicate he changed at all or became more attractive; he’s just an excellent mimic.

You’re missing my point. Abed has always been good at imitating TV shows and movies, so it was in-character for him to once again imitate a movie. That part of Abed has not changed at all, although during this episode it seemed for a while that it had. But as I said, he’s still the same guy who imitated Batman all day on Halloween. He was just imitating a different type of movie than he usually does.

What does indicate some change in Abed is WHY he chose to imitate My Dinner With Andre. It wasn’t because he thought it would be fun to act out the movie in real life. It wasn’t because he thought Jeff was a My Dinner With Andre fan and would enjoy the homage. It wasn’t because anyone was overtly pressuring him to “be someone else”, as was the case when he imitated Don Draper. It was because Abed felt his friend Jeff was growing distant and he feared this was because he (Abed) is incapable of maturing or growing as a person and must therefore be left behind by those who can. But the fact that Abed had these thoughts and attempted to modify his behavior to reconnect with Jeff and be more the type of friend he believed Jeff wanted indicates that Abed has experienced some personal growth. Although his efforts to mimic maturity wound up causing a lot of trouble for his friends, in the end Abed did even manage to have a brief “real” conversation with Jeff about his own feelings.

If I had been the waiter I would have served it as the main course since it was all he was having.

I thought that Jeff had already received and eaten his salad, and was annoyed with how slowly Abed was eating due to all of his talking.

I just watched the episode again, and finally understood why the fire occurred in the briefcase. Troy opening the briefcase triggered the light to come on. But then when he closed it, the light was still on and the heat from the incandescent bulb set the paper certificate on fire.

I seem to remember that that was a real problem with the real suitcase, or at least one of the knockoffs. The bulb would not always go out, and got rather hot.

Even if this isn’t true, touching on the rumor is still an awesome nerd reference.

This one was only OK for me - but one of the things I like about the show is that they are so willing to try different things; not every episode is a formula. To do that, you have to be willing to take chances and so some episodes work better than others. I like that they take the chances.

I rewatched the episode and I honestly don’t think this was meant as a joke or a dig. It was just a part of the story. Courtney Cox is the only household name on the show so he mentioned her by name. It was more like saying “Courtney Cox and the rest”.