Company ad slogans that miss the mark

Very mundane and pointless, and not just because I felt like posting this.

GE’s new advertising slogan is “Together we’re creating innovation today for America’s tomorrow.”

Who came up with that drek? Better yet, who thought it was good and approved it? It’s awkward and trite. It’s trying for cutesy, maybe? All it is is meaningless garbage.

You’d think a company the size of GE would have better marketing.

Any slogans you find particularly annoying?

I’m not sure it’s a slogan, but in a cat litter commercial that is claiming how odorfree your house will be (Fresh Step maybe?) the tagline is something like “It works so well your cat will need help finding the litterbox.”

Really? I think I’ll pass.

I miss the old Geico gecko. New guy is such a prat.

Was is Delta airlines that had the slogan “We get you there.” Sounds like something a New York cabbie would say.

I think it is In and Out Burger has the slogan, “You gotta eat.”

Checkers, actually.

McDonalds coffee…

it’s good now

Previously it was utter shite, but it might be considered drinkable now…:smack:

Makes me wonder what they’re inferring about their competition: “Hey, when you board their planes, you could get on in Miami and expect to arrive in Atlanta, but instead get off the plane in Abu Dhabi! WTF, right? Well, Delta - ‘we get you there’. Makes you want to fly with us instead of those losers who can’t afford a map, eh?”

I saw one on a transport company’s trailer passing by last night: “Expect the extraordinary.” It’s a transport company. It gets stuff from point A to point B. What sort of extraordinary things should I be expecting from this transaction? I keep imagining the truck driver arriving at his destination:

Receiver: “Wow. You got here three minutes early!”
Trucker: “Yup.”
Receiver: “And it’s all here!”
Trucker: “Yup.”
Receiver: “And nothing is broken!”
Trucker: “Yup.”
Receiver: “Extraordinary!”
Trucker: “Well what did you expect?”

And of course the infamous Fluke transport, whose slogan remains, “If it’s there on time, it’s a Fluke!”

Nature’s Path granola bars runs print ads with copy reading “The Path To Sustainability Is Sprinkled With Tasty Pumpkin Seeds.”

Maybe I’m over-thinking it a bit, but I would have thought that several hundred years of enculturation would lead most consumers to mistrust paths that are sprinkled with tasty treats, since the convention is that they lead to deceptively attractive deathtraps. Awesome connotation.

Worst ad slogan ever: “What can brown do for you?”

I think the beer that now boasts about its “drinkability” deserves to be shunned. “Drinkability” is what i would rate as a minimum requirement, if I drank beer. It seems to me that bragging about “drinkability” is setting the bar pretty low. It sounds like “adequate”.

It’s Budweiser and I think they aim to set the bar way below adequate. I mean, yak urine has drinkability too. I hate all their commercials now. I can’t decide which I hate more, this drinkability crap or that moron who tries to imitate Billy Mays.

Coors ran an ad in Canada recently that bragged that Coors Light was “Colder Than Most People From Toronto.” Yes, their brag has nothing to do with any intrinsic quality of the product. Basically, “Okay, we got nuthin’.”

It’s a Ram something, “my tank is full”, wtf? Stupid slogan. Yeah, your tank is full when I buy the gas, asshole.

Monsanto’s used to be: “Without chemicals, life itself would be impossible.”

I once suffered through a miserable flight on Northwest Airlines. The food was spoiled, the overhead bins kept popping open, and there was a flowing water leak from the ceiling down the wall that the flight attendants kept trying to mop up. At the end of the flight, I remembered their slogan was “We just know how to fly.”

The State of Washington Tourism Office in 2006 adopted the slogan “Say Wa?” It tanked very quickly due to universal ridicule. That same year, Seattle declared itself to be “Metronatural” as a tourist slogan. Leading to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer headline, “Seattle’s new slogan has some residents asking: Metronatural … say WA?”

I came here to mention “What can brown do for you?” Awful, awful awful. I instantly get all kinds of visions of stinky vile brown substances that have to be cleaned up. What can brown do for me? STAY THE HELL AWAY.

GE’s “We bring good things to life” when they were a huge military contractor.

“Lose weight with AYDS!”

Who said this? –

“If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face.”
Was it Wendy’s? Carl’s Jr?

The phrasing always seemed extremely clumsy to me.

“Like a rock”

Nah, I want something that moves more than an inch a century and is comfortable to sit in