Compaq Easy Access Buttons -- Default Browser

As I found out when I did a search on Easy Access Buttons, the SDMB was very helpful in solving my previous problem with them, so I’m hoping you can figure this one out.

I use the Easy Access Buttons on my keyboard all the time (especially the ones programmed to open the Straight Dope Home Page and the SDMB). My ISP used to use the Netscape browser, but the buttons still opened the sites in Internet Explorer, which I prefer. Recently, however, my ISP converted to the Yahoo browser, and somehow took the Easy Access Buttons along with it. I really dislike the new browser, enough that I have abandoned the Easy Access Buttons rather than deal with it. Is there any way I can get the buttons to open sites in IE instead? There is no information at all about browser defaults in the Help for the buttons, and I have searched Google without success. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Open IE and go to Tools|Internet Options. Select the Programs tab and check the box for Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser. Close IE, open it again, and hit Yes when it asks if you want to make it the default.