Why is my clicking on SDMB threads keep spawing new windows?

It never did this before today. It always left the old link and opened up a new link in the same window. Now everytime I click on a SDMB thread link a new IE window is spawned

This is more a nuts and bolts OS technical issue than a MB rules and regs related question so I’m trying it here. If a mod determines it belongs in ATMB please move it.

What the… the instant (literally) after I posted this it’s no longer doing it. Never mind (unless it starts up again).

Did you try rebooting?

Did you just upgrade IE? Or, did your machine automatically upgrade it, for you? That’s how links have always behaved, for me. (Personally, I prefer it, but it’s definitely a personnal preference kind of thing.) If it were Windows Explorer, I’d say a setting had gotten changed, because I know this is user-configurable for Windows Explorer. I don’t know of a similar setting for Internet Explorer. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

No, I closed down all the IE groups and then cracked up the SDMB again and it kept doing it (until just now) . I tried this several times and when I clicked on a SDMB link it would keep spawning SDMB pages inside these new little pop up sized windows that I would then have to expand. I had 8 SDMB pages open in a minute or so up just by clicking on a few threads.

Seems to have abated for now (crosses fingers and makes the the geek protection hex sign across chest)

I’m running XP and have the MS auto updater activated and there’s always some set of IE or OS patches or updates it applies practically every day. I had forgotten about that. Thanks for the heads up.

Perhaps one of your Shift keys was stuck down. Shift-clicking a link will cause it to open in a new window.

I’ll move this to ATMB.

Maybe someone there can answer your question. If you still have a question.

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

Ah yes, the old “Stuck Shift Key” problem. That sneaky little gem has caused me quite a bit of grief and many, many re-boots in the past.


Per your tip I just tried holding the shift key down and clicking on a link and it did the little multi-window spawn thing just like before. I’m betting your analysis of what happened is correct as these wireless keyboard keys will get flaky occasionally. Thanks!