Composing My Own Ring Tone On Nokia 3390

Not wanting to download, but pushing the keys to get a particular tune. Is there a website that tells you which keys to press in order to get, say the first 14 notes of A Hard Day’s Night?



You generally need to go to a website with a utility that allows you to compose 'em. It gets sent to your phone as an SMS message. I have a similar model (3360) and created my own ring tone, but I had to do it on an AT&T Wireless website. They’re working on a utility you can download to your own PC to do it instead of relying on the website, but I don’t know if that’s done yet.

I’m not aware of any way to compose a ringtone using only the phone’s buttons. Of course, I didn’t do a lot of research into it, since creating my own only took a few minutes and sending it to my phone only cost $0.99 on my phone bill.

Good luck

You really have to do some searching. I found a page about a year ago (when I fist got my nokia 3300) that had lots of songs broken down. The problem with searching is that 98% of your hits will be pages that want to charge you and then send to your phone.

After a good bit of searching, I found and programmed these (using the phone buttons - havent seen what KW’M is talking about) rings into my phone.

Iron Man
Itchy & Scratchy
Low Rider
The Muppet Show Theme
Knight Rider

Yes, I’m a dork.

Well, it’s hard to describe, but basically I went to the appropriate AT&T website and a popup window opened with a grid and a piano keyboard and…

well, suffice to say that my cellphone now has a Ring of Fire. It was probably easier than figuring it out on the phone’s keypad.

It’s done. Go here and download the Nokia 3360 PC Suite, which includes the PC Composer. I’d imagine it’ll work for the 3390 as well, but am not sure.

The composer works with a musical staff, so it should not be a problem to put down the right notes if you know how to read music.

Not sure what you need a website for. I programmed my 3390 without much difficulty. Admittedly, it was a simple ascending scale.

Assuming you have a basic musical background, you should be able to do it by following the instructions in the owner’s manual, and transcribing the sheet music (assuming you can find this). Alternatively, you may have to noodle around on a piano to get the notes to transcribe.