Comprehensive WAR and Win Shares stats, preferably available online?

Also preferably free, but I’m not choosy. I need (for a large project I’m undertaking) several sources for all-inclusive baseball value stats, from the founding of the AL through this season. By “all-inclusive,” what I mean (what I prefer) is stats that give the overall value of each player in each year. This would combine his value as a batter, as a baserunner, as a fielder, as a pitcher, as a sunflower-seed-spitter–everything, into a single figure.

Does such a thing exist? If so, what are the best (most reliable, most authoritative) forms?

As stated, I’ll pay for access if I must, but I need to figure out the best one before I’ll shell out $$$$ and quite possibly be disappointed. It is disappointing, for example, to learn that seems to list these figures separately–I can find out a pitcher’s WAR figure, but nowhere can I find out his total WAR, including his batting and his fielding value, much less compare it in a ranked chart to batters’ total WAR value, including their fielding, etc., unless I’m just misunderstanding how to look these things up.

So at the top of the mobile version pages, is the total WAR.

Lower on the page is Player Value–Batting. Which give the breakdown by year.

Right, I get that, but the page you gave just listed an annual breakdown for Judge.

What I’m seeking is a listing for all MLB players in a given year, that combines their total WAR numbers–pitching, batting, and fielding–for both pitchers and hitters.

In other words, if you wanted to find out who led the majors in total WAR in a given year, and who came in second, third, etc., what source would you use to look that up? You could do it player by player, of course, and you could look up on the leading hitters and the leading pitchers and them combine both lists but even then they would be unreliable since BBREF doesn’t give the pitcher’s value as batters combined with their pitching WAR–you have to figure out how to add everything together, pitching, batting, and fielding, which don’t, as I understand it, simply add up to a total. It’s very screwed up

This will give you the Top 10 for any year:

Beyond the top 10, I think you’re correct Baseball-Reference doesn’t have it combined.

Actually, that seems pretty darned close to what I’m looking for. I think (I hope) bbref is combining all the elements to rank the top ten by total WAR there. Thanks. I wonder why I had such a hard time searching on their site for such a list.

Fangraphs has a slightly different way of computing WAR–does anyone have a link where they list the same thing? I need to use as many different computations as I can of WAR, plus the latest iterations of Win Shares and other all-inclusive annual value rankings.

For Fangraphs: MLB » WAR Leaders » 2022 | FanGraphs Baseball